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I have problems, need help!

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When someone uploads a picture to the forum I can't seem to see it. All I see is a little box with the file name but nothing else.
I've tried a couple of different browsers and reset my internet connection so it's nothing on my end.
Any ideas?
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I do get that but its temporary with me, and usually just duplicating the tab solves it, or moving over to google chrome, it was even happening with my own posts after being ok when I initially posted them the other day, but as you say, you have already taken the usual steps, I take it, you've re-booted computer and started a new window, the only other thing is I notice when I get towards the end of my laptop shelf life, as I am now (4 years), it does seem to get worse, as do a lot of these kind of problems.

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Have you tried in incognito mode? It bypasses all cache's.

An old laptop/computer shouldn't cause it to happen. The only other thing I can think of, is that you have some kind of 'data saving' setting switched on somewhere. Saying that, data saving doesn't work on https websites.

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