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Favourite Month of the 2010s so far.

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On ‎14‎/‎08‎/‎2018 at 20:05, Snowyowl9 said:















Bolded by best or partly bolded.

March comes out top with 2018 and 2013.

Worst December 2015.

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Complied some interesting stats.  2018 had both the most mentions (perhaps a recenecy bias however) and most favourited months with the following being netweather favourite of each: January

December  2018.....

My memory for weather only really goes back to December 2010, so this is my list based on all months since then. January 2013: Good cold and snowy spell in the middle of the month. February

Posted Images

January : January 2010

February : February 2012

March : March 2013

April : April 2013

May : May 2018

June : June 2017

July : July 2018

August : August 2015?

September : No idea, september 2010 probably

October : October 2017?

November : November 2010

December : December 2010


Hard for the autumn months... for some reason. None actually really excite me unless you want endless indian summer. Can't remember a decent storm in the autumn anymore.

Favourite weather year: 2010 or 2018

Least favourite weather year: 2015

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Here would be mine:

January - first half 2010, second half 2013

February - first half 2012, second half 2018

March - 2018

April - 2015

May - 2018

June - 2018

July - first half 2018, second half 2013

August - first third 2018, rest 2013

September - first half 2016, second half 2010

October - 2010

November  - 2010

December - 2010

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