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Friday 2nd March Weather Observations

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Severe drifting continues here with severe gales. Lanes completely blocked to house no snowfall this morning. Was supposed to be going up to the Highlands tomorrow..

Temp -5c

Wind chill -9c


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Friday 02nd March 2018 

Moderate/heavy snow died out last night, still very windy with further drifting though the night, easterly gusts past gale force. A severe and penetrating frost. Overcast so far this morning, bitterly cold, easterly wind still gusting past gale force. Mean snow depth, estimated 10cm. Drifts locally over 4 feet deep, possibly much deeper in some areas.


Maximum temperature to 18:00 GMT yesterday -2.3∞C.

Minimum temperature overnight -4.2∞C

24-hour maximum -1.2∞C

24-hour minimum -4.2∞C

Minimum temperature on grass -4.5c Therm buried in snow.

Maximum wind gust: (Midnight to Midnight) 42.5 mph ENE

Rainfall total: Waiting for snow to melt in gauge


Conditions at 09:00 GMT


7 Oktas  Stratocumulus, Altocumulus.

Visibility 5 miles.

Temperature: -1.2∞C

Humidity: 78.0%

Dew point -4.5∞C

Wind Direction: ENE Force 7-8

Barometer 992.7mb: Trend: falling.




Severe and penetrating frost overnight in the strong east north east wind. Moderate snow setting in before dawn, this turning heavy with drifting. Heavy snow this morning accompanied by a severe penetrating frost, moderate drifting of snow. Mean depth around 6cm. The snow turned lighter and intermittent for a time through late morning. From mid afternoon, heavy snow with drifting, blizzard conditions, feeling extremely cold in the strong ENE wind. Wind chill between -10c and -15c.

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Light snow early yesterday evening had died out well before midnight and the rest of the night was dry and cloudy with an easterly gale causing considerable drifting. Yesterday's maximum temp' was reached at 0900 this morning, -3.2c, but was still the lowest March max' on my records back to 1963. The previous lowest in March was -2.1c on the 13th in 2013. The open areas on the moor have been scoured of snow to the bare ground by the wind.

At 0900

Temp; -3.2c

24 hr max; -3.2c

24 hr min; -5.9c

Overnight min; -4.4c

Grass ( snow ) min; -4.6c

Rainfall in 24 hrs ending 0900; 3.8mm ( taken from several snow cores as all snow in the gauges was blown away )

Mean wind speed; 32 mph E

8 oktas Sc and Ac

Vis; 20 km

Mean depth of lying snow; 14.6cm. Deep drifts

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Well according to the Precip Radar it has been snowing on Anglesey for the last few hours, yet not a flake has fallen, at least in my neck of the woods - very bizarre, any just reason why the PR is showing this yet nothing cometh from the Sky? 

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Tilbury weather station 4:50pm

Temperature:  -1.3 °C

Last hour variation: +0.1 °C

Cloud base: 463 ft

Apparent temperature: -4.0 °C

Wet Thermometer: -1.7 °C

Humidity: 92%

Dew point: -2.4 °C

Wind speed: 10.6 mph

Wind direction: ENE

Barometer: 993.0 mb

Altimeter pressure: 996.2 mb

Pressure: 0.0 mb/hr steady

Light but persistent snow fall



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Well my ice days finished at 0930 this morning, having started at 1530 on 27 February, thus two ice days, not sure the last time but certainly not this late.

About 4-5 cm of snow this morning down to about 2-3 cm by the look of it. A low of -1.2 C and a high early afternoon, very briefly of 1.7 C, mostly around o.5 C now down to 0.1 C with 3/4 cover of Ci and As.

Certianly a very memorable week here.

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Another exceptionally cold day, our third ice day in a row making it the coldest spell here since December 2010. Dry start with about 4cm of snow on the ground after overnight showers, a bit of snizzle around lunchtime then some more organised light to moderate snow this afternoon which is still going on - at the moment we have a depth of 5cm. Maximum -0.6, minimum -1.9. Wind light E.

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Still full cover the snow compacting down plus blowing around. Depth this morning 12cm. Some sunny spells and a slight thaw lower down. Another ice day as well.

Max temp -0.8C, now -1.5C, Barometer 1001mb rising, Wind F4 ENE, Rainfall 0.4mm but I reckon most had blown out of the rain gauge.

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A very cold and mainly cloudy day with a strong to gale force E wind continuing to drift the snow. No falling snow today as yet but some not too far south on the latest radar.

At 1800

Temp; -2.8c

Max today; -1.6c

Min last night; -4.4c

Grass ( snow ) min; -4.6c

Rainfall from 0900-1800; 0.0 mm

Sunshine today; 0.74 hrs

Mean wind speed; 29 mph E

Highest gust today; 56 mph E at 0941

8 oktas As and St

Vis; 30 km

Mean depth of lying snow; 14.0cm. 100% cover. Deep drifts

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Looks like the snow made it here, currently light but drifting continues with gales. 

Temp-3 4c

Wind chill -6c

Dp -4c

Gales from E/N/E

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Third ice day in a row at -1c max,the day started off with easterly gales from the word go and the overnight drifting just blocked all the roads up.

Blizzards from the snow blowing from the fields,later more persistant heavier snow arrived,wind slackened more then.

8 inches of snow first thing,havn`t measured since currently -3.7c

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