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Kent, Home counties and south London general weather discussion 25/02/2018 onwards

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20 minutes ago, sunnijim said:

Looking at the updated  fax charts this morning it seems Exeter think that Storm Emma will throw it's first occluded front at us tomorrow morning from a SE direction.

This to me looks rather weak on our SE side of the country ( hence our Thursday snow threat has been removed) but may be more snowtastic to the West of London.

However this angle of attack would keep the SE and coasts in the cold for longer,the approaching warm front on Thursday night becomes a cold front on Friday,so the precipitation should be pure snow for all,at least until daytime Saturday.

Yes, looks like the temperatures here in the SE will stay cold enough for snow until at least Saturday morning. Could be more fun and games to come! 

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Officially signing off from my Perch by the window. Have a great year -  Enjoy it with your Families- Current pic - 4.5 inches    my favourite pic - Cheers All

So this is it, the end of winter. Time to look forward to Spring..... Wait, what's this?        Apparently not. So for the time being, we will remain as one for this cold spell. Ple

Some photos from the last couple of days. Near Bewl Water in East Sussex.

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47 minutes ago, Memphis snow said:

27cm here got down to -9.3 last night!! And some people said this cold spell won’t be remembered.

well it will by me?

So we have over 10.5 inches! ??

Incredible for us. 

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We were really lucky in Tonbridge, very satisfied with around 6 inches of level powder snow!

Both Monday & Tuesday nights one of the streamers ran straight over my location, virtually direct hit!

It's been a really exciting week of model watching with possibly more to come Thursday & Friday?

It's been fantastic reading all the posts and I'd like to thank everyone for their contributions, especially Mr Steve Murr!

Winter wouldn't be the same without you mate!

01 002.jpg

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8 minutes ago, bobbydog said:

i'd better get out and build a snow-ant before it all melts. must have got at least 0.1cm overnight....

Wow that sucked for you! Here in Tilgate we got around 2cm last night, that shower must have just grazed you.

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