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South West and Central Southern England Regional Weather Discussion 22/02/2018 Onwards

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Sod the snow, Tom Baker is trying to steal your car. 

I want to see this in the morning.  

Good afternoon all ,with the passing of my beautifull wife last Autumn things have been rather busy at home but now starting to quieten down ,so today i,v been for a great walk up local woods .with th

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Just had a pleasant walk and a return bus trip down to a few supermarkets nearby and took the bus.
Roads are all fine here, just a bit slushy in the side roads.
Pavements are fine and crisp to walk on. But oh these idiots who wash away the snow on the paths outside the houses or shops that just become a sheet of ice.
We did not have any of the icy rain, so the snow is still snow, even the well troden is fine to walk over.
A fair few light snow flurries and light snow blowing in the wind. Have had a hail sleet shower too.

-0.6c, but feels warm out compared to those bitter windy last few days.

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The ice storm is a complete nuisance!  I cannot open the wheelie bins to put rubbish in lol

I've had a look around the garden, and everything is covered between half to an inch thick. Never thought i'd see anything  like that. The roof of the house looks  weird, there's icicles hanging from every ridge tile, and the  rest of it is completely glazed. Quite a rare sight!

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Calling all bird fans..a question.....feeding the birds has seen all the usual suspects,you know Robins,Tits,Albatross,Golden Eagles occasional Condors,but heres the thing,it looks like a Thrush,same size,slightly darker chest with spots its got me a bit baffled any clues,then I can look up any info and check it out.

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