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March 2018 C.E.T. forecasts and optional EWP contest

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The data used for the contest comes from this source:


where the entry is 109.0 mm. 

The value you've found is the Hadley set which I was using until early-mid Feb when stargazer alerted me to the existence of two sets, and the Hadley set was slow coming in that month, so I jumped ship and rescored the earlier months (only a few scores were affected). When you go to the download data page for UKP there's a link to "alternative England and Wales data set" (in the bullet points under the map) which takes you to the link I just posted.

You'll notice that in the contest announcements, I refer to both data sets for record values since Hadley goes back to 1766 and the met office set to 1910. But the contest normal values I quote now are from the UK met office series. They seem to be generally a bit lower. These are the comparative values so far in the contest period:

MONTH ____ met office __ Hadley

__ Dec _____ 108.8 _____ 113.5

__ Jan _____ 103.9 _____ 104.4

__ Feb ______ 49.6 ______ 51.7

__ Mar _____ 109.0 _____ 119.1


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