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Far north and northeast of England - regional chat

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Yes a very warm and humid day tomorrow, poss 28-29 for parts of N Yorkshire.  25-27.c for the rest of the northeast.

I think some storms will develop late tomorrow evening and first part of night, then as the main cold front pushes in from the west during Friday this will produce more widespread storms and thundery rain.

Heat returns late next week

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4 minutes ago, Boro Snow said:

Enjoy guys hopefully you will get a few good storms, I'm in Cornwall on holiday nothing to see here move along ?

Forecast shows rain on Friday in your area not sure if you'll get any storms though

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Expect updated met warnimg today to cover storms that develop later tonight.

Then an ember warning for friday evening.

Look south tonight (radar watching)

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55 minutes ago, Summer Sun said:

Today is the peak of the heat for our region with the upper 20's highly likely

Could be just as warm/hot tomorrow...

Met have Aycliffe higher tomorrow... Although i do take these apps with a pinch of salt.

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4 minutes ago, Light Without Heat said:

Im in Hull and this is not as bad as it looks sadly 

Looks like you're on the eastern edge of it

Keep an eye on the shower circled and its track could be heading to the NE


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