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Jemma Croton

Distance learning in meteorology

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Can I ask someone... anyone... a favour?

I should start my saying I have autism spectrum disorder and, while I am very high functioning and pretty intelligent, I often hit mental hurdles with some things which seem impossible to overcome.

I’m trying to look at the options for distance learning in meteorology but I’m just getting so overwhelmed every time I try and look and I’m basically hitting a major hurdle which is preventing me from continuing to search and finding answers.

Like the letters and descriptors are confusing me to buggery. 

I’ll love anyone forever if they can link me to some relevant courses to investigate. This is to further my learning and hopefully getting a meaningful qualification in forecasting for the U.K. I don’t know if I would do anything with it but my son (who also has autism) has additional needs which aren’t compatible with my working right now and I would love to put my natural passion here to good use and have more qualifications under my belt.


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Not sure how to help fully Jemma but I'll try.

Have you approached UK Met, explained your autism issue and asked if they could help?

What about the OU, I assume that is stll going?

Reading is perhaps the top Uni for studying Meteorology. Have you approached them, agiain explaining about your autism?

hope that helps but I am sure someone on here will do a better job than myself.

good luck anyway.


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How deep is your knowledge of meteorology generally already? I love the weather but I didn't do physics or geography to GCSE levels and missed out on some of the weather basics.

So I took a short course from home in hours that suited me on Futurelearn (part of the OU) . I did the one Exeter uni offer, but Reading Uni offers them too. It's free (unless you want a certificate) and although it's 12 hour teaching time, I found it was taking me 2 or 3 hours a day as I read all the extra reading etc.

When I did the course, some people were on it because they were considering study or careers in meteorology. If your have advanced knowledge already, it may not be for you but I found it a great distance learning beginners meteorology course - and the forums mean you can always ask for help. I have a great understanding of weather processes now and found the behaviour of air masses the most interesting part.




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cheers for the link


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