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    • By kar999
      These dangerous jellyfish have been reported on numerous beaches since storms Ophelia and Brian but found these small ones washed up on todays high tide at Morfa Bychan. (I believe they are Portuguese Man 'O War from seeing local photos.)
      There were also plenty of the usual jellyfish regularly washed up as well.
      Had to keep the dog away once spotted.

      Sadly there was another casualty of the storm washed up as well. Apparently seal pup casualties have been very high during the storms.
      Warning for viewing image: may upset some people.

    • By Spawney
      Strange looking orange sun due to the Saharan dust and smoke from the Spanish/Portuguese wildfires blown over by Ophelia.
    • By Jo Farrow
      TD17 is now a tropical storm in open waters of mid-Atlantic. Not heading to US
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