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their armoured vehicles are being made ready-

I'm pretty sure the sky turning yellow is the met office trying out a new warning system after some backlash. 

Looking forward to my trip to #Ireland

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41 minutes ago, Nick L said:

With all the weird skies going on, completely missed how much the temperature has dropped this afternoon. Was about 21c at lunchtime, now about 15c. Back to the jeans I think...

I noticed that. I suddenly felt quite chilly but I put it down to being ill rather than the weather!

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12 minutes ago, Surrey said:

Third person has died =( another falling tree on car. While us enthusiasts study learn and indeed take some excitement from this weather, we must spare a thought for the people caught up init. 

Stay safe all and ride it out now, hopefully most are on there way or home now for the evening lots of people leaving early in the effected areas. 


Indeed my girlfriend in Ireland it currently petrified, hiding under her duvet by all accounts she's worried about her windows blowing in which are apparently bending inwards and a lamp post has been blown over in her road.

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1 minute ago, Richard David McCarthy said:

to any Netweather members who live or are stuck in Llanllechid, Gwynedd police say use Tan y Bwlch road as your alternative diversion this is due to a fallen power line near moel ogwen

There is a regional Wales thread as well 


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12 minutes ago, Makemeasnowman said:

Just got home from work and the wind has picked up in Liverpool. Few trees down in the roads by mine in Aigburth. Not sure how bad it'll get, certainly didn't seem that bad for a tree to come down let alone several

It's the saturated ground and leafload that makes the wind effect much worse. Roots get loosened and the leaves make them top heavy. Add the wind and you are left with firewood.

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Needed a red warning for N. Ireland and an Amber for coastal Wales last night rather than this morning. N. Ireland needed the red simply because the Irish border doesn't stop the weather and it seemed, frankly, odd... but I can accept that amber should have been warning enough given a comment about seriousness (though, what's the point of a red warning if you never use it?). It was reasonably clear that the Pembrokeshire coast at least was reasonably likely to take a battering today though.

I suspect it's not entirely the Met Offices fault though. Amber triggers contingency/emergency planning, and there seems to be a culture of disincentive in the UK when it comes to things like that.

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