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September 2017 Statistics and reports

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September - Hobart, Tasmania

Coldest September for 14 years with a mean anomaly of -0.7c below 1981-2010 ( in brackets below ) or -0.5c below 1961-1990. It is third month in a row to be colder than the long-term and 61-90 average, making it the longest run of anomalous cold months since 2006 by those measurements. 

Average maximum:  15.1 ( -0.3 )

Average minimum:  5.8 ( -1.1 )

Rainfall:  46mm ( average 53mm )

Rain days ( +1mm ):  12/from 19

A wintry week in Tasmania between the 4th and 8th with significant snow to low levels in the west and north west at the start of this period, then further snow in the west and south on the 8th descending to low levels by the morning. In the Hobart area, snow settling at 400-500m on the 4th and 5th and to 200-300m into the 8th ( hill suburbs ). It is the only instance of snow on the ground in the Hobart metro area this year, all years tend to have between 1 and 3 such events, but rarely more. Further brief settled snow on the local mountain range to 900m on the 14th, near 700m on the 16th and above 1000m on the 19th. A good snow cover to near 400m into the 30th then a rapidly milder wind change. The wettest day was 10mm on the 24th together with an overnight thunderstorm. This was the same frontal system that relieved south east mainland from a day of record September heat, but it lost its moisture on its northward track. Pre-frontal cloud and winds from the north-west rather than the north saved Tasmania from an extreme heat day.

Extremes in daily temperature for September ( records since 1882 )

Highest maximum:  22.3.....21st ( record 31.0 in 1987 )

Lowest maximum:  9.3.....5th ( record 6.1 in 1885 )

Highest minimum:  11.3.....24th ( record 18.0 in 1973 )

Lowest minimum:  1.0.....1st ( record -0.8 in 1897 )



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Pollard's Hill, Surrey

September 2017 Stats:


Max Temp Avg: 19.53°C

Min Temp Avg: 10.93°C

Mean Temp Avg: 15.23°C

Highest Daytime Max Temp: 22.9°C on the 4th

Lowest Daytime Max Temp: 15.9°C on the 16th

Highest Night Min Temp: 14.5°C on the 25th

Lowest Night Min Temp: 7.1°C on the 22nd


Highest 24 Hours Rainfall: 7.6mm on the 27th

Total September Rainfall: 47.5mm


Barometer High 1023hPa on the 1st, 23rd and 26th

Barometer Low: 994hPa on the 10th

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