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Storm Doris - Atlantic Storm 4

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This is a close call - go to about 25 seconds in.  

One positive then.

METEOSAT airmass imagery frames for today show  nicely the development from frontal wave into a depression, with baroclinic leaf forming as dry air intrusion (in red) originating from the lower strato

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7 minutes ago, Frosty hollows said:

I imagine the sick bags got put to good use on that flight!

I travel a lot on planes and every time there is turbulence I feel like in a roller coaster...but with those winds that would be worse than the Wild Mouse in Blackpool

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1 minute ago, Lincs Observation said:

Seems to have calmed down in the past half hour here, however it is still gusty with reports still coming in of problems to my East.


Still insane here, gusted just now to 66mph 

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26 minutes ago, Light Without Heat said:

2h30m after starting the descent from FL400 flight EK17 to Manchester finally has touched down at Gatwick - amazing amount of extra fuel on that baby.

On our A320's we say a tonne of fuel per half hour of holding. Not much fuel used in the descent (N1's back at idle), starts to drink it when in the hold. A fairly heavy aircraft won't be thrown around like an empty A320, which can sometimes feel like flying a crisp packet on a windy day! 

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