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Victims of the 2017 Snow Blizzard Speak Out Some harrowing tales are emerging across the country this morning as the victims of the 2017 snow storm share their stories.  The whole of Norther

Just saw total accumulation maps (for next 48hrs) from latest euro4 model. Think I peed myself a little!

Guys - good luck with the snow potential over the next few days  cameras at the ready!

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1 minute ago, jello said:

Antrim.  Within 5 minutes of snow starting it looked like this.  Lovely to watch.


I envy you :) haha nice picture


2 minutes ago, ForeverPomeroysnow said:

Nice pics Kippure, there's a rather orange looking sky, that says loads of snow coming! 


Nice dump there


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I think there was a mild sector which should hopefully pee off fairly quickly! All quiet here at the minute :cc_confused:


Edit - it was my daughter that said nothing had happened even though it has clearly snowed a little. Looks like it's starting up again as well. The sky has that orange hue that I like to see!

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13 minutes ago, mountain shadow said:

Snow here as well finally! Not much but better than nought.

The wind appears to have shifted more NNW than NW, hopefully be better for the NE later.

What's the rise in temp all about mountain? Impression I got from the charts and forecasts was it was to get colder not milder as the winds swung more towards northerly. Something has been missed during this. Must be a warm sector or something which would be a nowcast event.

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7 minutes ago, ronan said:

Light snow falling and a big flash of lightning towards Donegal!! Are things just about to get interesting!!

Just saw lightning!! !!

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can't see thunder
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Just now, rory o gorman said:

There is a slight warm sector in the low Hence the more widespread precip and higher DP's 

This looks as if it was the warm sector that was not forecasted, hence why we got brutally little snow.




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Seen this posted earlier to on Facebook......:rofl:


NASA have just released these amazing photos of Northern Ireland this afternoon. Nat sure what's going on in Fermanagh, maybe our First Minster knows?



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2 minutes ago, ronan said:

Yeah that was some flash of  lightning. Really heavy hailstones and everywhere white again!

Just like that everything is white again. Hail helps a lot, it makes a foundation for snow, maybe this won't be too bad after all? (Short sighted optimism) 

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