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7 minutes ago, Rocheydub said:

It's amazing really. Follow this run through from Wednesday to Saturday, One county remains snow free for the complete 72 hours... You guessed it. Dublin!

WHAT???  Are you saying Southwest Cork will get snow??  To be fair you deserve a change of luck though! 

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Victims of the 2017 Snow Blizzard Speak Out Some harrowing tales are emerging across the country this morning as the victims of the 2017 snow storm share their stories.  The whole of Norther

Just saw total accumulation maps (for next 48hrs) from latest euro4 model. Think I peed myself a little!

Guys - good luck with the snow potential over the next few days  cameras at the ready!

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9 minutes ago, BREIFMAN11 said:

Easterly winds would be your best shot (EDIT: I think) aren't we suppose to have that setup later on? 


20 metres above sea level according to "Google Maps find altitude" Im right next to the river, I have a good view of what's going on out to the east :) 

You know what buddy its just the fact of living in a city. I am on the outskirts just over 100 metres and it makes all the difference even more so if i drive 10 mins out the road. There could be nothing in Derry then drive out the road to Claudy and its a whole different storey. 

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Been watching the latest developments with a lot of interest. Haven't been allowing myself to get excited and have been waiting until a reasonable time frame to do so. I think that time frame is now :D. Can't wait for the lamp post watching to begin!

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25 minutes ago, ForeverPomeroysnow said:

C11qf6zXgAEe2nK.jpg           well now... 

Border counties looking very good for depth. Not bad for me on North Coast as long as it settles.  Sorry Rochey:wallbash:

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NI weather on FB update. Note-Warning is for tomorrow only, Thursday/Friday's snow warning will be issued tomorrow


There has been a few headaches today with regards to expected snowfall this week.

We have temporarily suspended warnings for Thursday & Friday (These will be reissued) we have also amended tomorrows warning.

NI Weather & Flood Advisory Service have amended the following weather warning.

Yellow warnings of Snow, High Winds & Low Temperatures has been issued for Northern Ireland. (See Map, warning area has been amended to remove some parts)

Wind - Gusts of up to 60mph are expected to affect NI from the early hours of Wednesday and throughout the day. Possibly leading to disruption to travel.

Snow - Colder air will move in across the country later tomorrow and showers will begin to turn to sleet and snow, over the hills at first but increasingly to low levels later. Some heavy showers at times leading to accumulations of up to 5cm (Possibly 10cm) in places, especially over the hills.

Note that accumulations will vary across the country as snow is expected in the form of showers rather than bands of snow.

Snow combined with winds of up to 60mph will lead to blizzard like conditions at times, along with the risk of thunder & lightning during the heavier showers. Making for some hazardous conditions across much of the country along with possible disruption to travel and power supplies.

Day time temperatures are unlikely to get much above freezing from Wednesday onwards and nighttime temperatures are expected to be well below freezing especially in snow covered 
areas. That combined with the wind chill will make it feel bitter.

Wind warning is valid from 01:00 11/01/17 until 23:00 11/01/17

Snow warning is valid from 17:00 11/01/17 until 23:00 11/01/17

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28 minutes ago, Rocheydub said:

And I'll get 0! 



I might scrape one Cm  out of it if im Lucky. Lol

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Now this is better eye candy!! Of course it will change again but this is just a few mile from me. I use the Ness Woods as location as if i choose Derry in the app it gives a forecast for sea level.



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