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Victims of the 2017 Snow Blizzard Speak Out Some harrowing tales are emerging across the country this morning as the victims of the 2017 snow storm share their stories.  The whole of Norther

Just saw total accumulation maps (for next 48hrs) from latest euro4 model. Think I peed myself a little!

Guys - good luck with the snow potential over the next few days  cameras at the ready!

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1 hour ago, Sperrin said:

Was just going to post that too James. Out of interest what radar app is that you're using?


1 hour ago, booferking said:

Hopefully we catch few tonight what website do you use.Thanks 

I use the Weather&Radar app on android.


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Ian Ferguson on twitter"Ultimately we look set for less cold/milder territory through December. With signals for any blocking waned, the (tentative!) expectation is for flow to end-up between NW to SW'ly by mid/rest of Dec & a *possible* rtn later to blocked patterns early Jan, but v uncertain for now."


Personally I don't read too much in to the long term, although if we were to get Northern Blocking, I'd like for it to happen in January.

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5 minutes ago, ronan said:

Light snow here now and instantly lying. Looking forward to the heavier stuff. Radar definitely looking good. 

Yes, its instantly lying. Ground is frozen solid and caking up nicely. I'm livid, wasn't expecting this. Happy days, if a light shower can cause this then as you said definitely looking forward to the heavy stuff.

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1 minute ago, mountain shadow said:

BBC national forecast said rain/sleet showers for NI tonight yet the background temp was minus nine!

Aye, ok then.


Yes does look a bit pessimistic. -5C + lying snow = rain/sleet? At the least, you'd expect freezing rain. 


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