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1 million cattle killed by the cattle in Peru 0 Aug 2015 –  â€œCOLD KILLS ONE MILLION HEADS OF CATTLE“ reads the headline on Con Nuestro Peru.

A catastrophe for camels, sheep and cattle in the country.

The National Civil Defense Institute (INDECI) reported on 5 August that cold dead animals reach 912 300. At the time of writing that number could have risen to one million. Most are fine alpacas. There are also 508,000 sick animals.

This is a disaster unparalleled in our history.

Frightening is the situation created by the snowfall that hit especially the poor peasants.

The problem affects the entire nation’s pantry, because it  means less meat and less milk for the population. But the palaces are well supplied.

A few years ago, when television showed children of Puno just shod with sandals, walking on snow and many of them died of cold, a European friend said: “In Sweden there is a more intense cold here than in Puno, but no child dies of cold. â€

The secret is food, warm clothing, adequate housing.

The governments, scientists, technologists, consultants and producers in the cold countries have developed strategies that our bureaucrats should study. Before the cold spell in 2013, the magazine Agronoticias recommended:

-Selection and adaptation to extreme cold resistant breeds.
-Improving Massive natural pastures for greater nutritional value, as well as combating parasites that thrive in the cold.http://www.connuestroperu.com/actualidad/punto-de-vista/47404-frio-mata-un-millon-de-cabezas

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