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[Blog] Glastonbury Festival 2015 24 to 28 June - Forecast No 2

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This is the second blog for the 2015 Glastonbury festival [24 to 28 June], the roller coaster continues.

At this stage we are still using long term models, but from next week the beginning of the festival period is coming into long term GFS range, so this blog will reflect that.

However, for this week we are using the same models as last week.

1. CFS Monthly Charts updated weekly [From Net Weather Extra]

2. CFS Daily Charts updated daily [From Net Weather Extra]

3. CFS Monthly Charts updated weekly [From Meteociel.com]

1. CFS Monthly Charts


The pressure charts show a slight positive anomaly but not massively significant, the temperature charts continue to be above average, especially for northern parts of the UK, with rainfall to be around average for most southern areas.


The pressure charts show pressure above average for all of the UK, but not hugely. Temps above average moreso for northern areas and a slightly bigger positive anomaly compared to last week. Rainfall around average, but above average in the Midlands areas, so overall a slight tendency towards above average rainfall.

2. CFS Daily Charts updated daily [From Net Weather Extra]

Date read  Summary                          Winds         Temps                       Rain                                        Out of 10 24/05/2015 Mild, Damp and Unsettled        SW to W        Light Orange / Orange       Damp Wed-Thurs, Dry Weekend                   7.5 25/05/2015 Mostly Dry and Warm             SW to var      Light Orange / Deep Orange  Damp Wed Showery Thursday, Dry thereafter     8.0 26/05/2015 Mostly Dry and Very Warm        NE to E        Deep Orange                 Mostly Dry but odd shower possible            8.5 27/05/2015 Mostly Dry and warming up       NE to E        Yellow to Orange            Showery, but risk diminishing over time       8.5 28/05/2015 Cool, dry until Sunday          NE to NW       Deep Orange to Light Orange Dry to start, rain Sunday                     7.0 29/05/2015 mild, wet from Thursday          E to SE       Orange                      Dry to start, bands of rain from Thursday     4.030/05/2015 Warm, mostly Dry                 E to NE       Light Orange / Orange       Odd shower possible, but mostly dry in West   8.0
When compared to last weeks runs listed here -> https://forum.netweather.tv/blog/189/entry-4887-glastonbury-festival-2015-24-to-28-june-forecast-no-1/

These are a big improvement. By my ratings, which are entirely subjective, they have gone from 5.1 out of 10to 7.4

3. CFS Monthly Charts updated weekly [From Meteociel.com]

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