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Advice needed on sources of rainfall and snow observation data within the UK

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Dear All,


I would like to ask your kind advice on data sources for rainfall and snow observation data within the UK.  We are working on a project that tries to predict the wear and tear of equipment left open air.  For that we would need the current and historic weather data for more than 1200 weather locations within the UK.  The locations are described with their geographical locations and their height and with is about 30 miles.  The data what I would need is the following:

  • Date and time of the measurement
  • Temperature                     (Degrees Celsius, hourly)
  • Relative humidity             (% (hourly)
  • Wind speed                       (Mph (hourly)
  • Wind gust                          (Mph (hourly)
  • Wind direction                 (Degrees (hourly)
  • Snowfall                             (mm water equivalent 3-hourly)
  • Total precipitation           (mm 3-hourly)

The data don't need to be absolutely accurate, but something that we can start using relatively quickly for initial testing.  Commercial solutions might be interesting too if the cost is reasonable...


Your advice is highly appreciated in advance,


Best regards,


Sandor Laza

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Hi Sandor


If you could drop me an email via ian (at) netweather.tv I'd be happy to go through some options with you.





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