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Winter 2014/15 Awards

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Another winter almost dusted so I thought I would review the Dec,Jan,Feb period and give my own awards to those that made a difference this season, what would yours be?:

1 Most accurate LRF goes to the METO, by a mile....AO NAO spot on

2 Best innovative technology goes to Recretos....don't believe his lack of qualifications for a minute

3 Most awaited and exciting LRF goes to Steve Murr....true respect

4 Most optimistic poster Frosty....never one to be a glass half empty man

5 The Voice Of Reason John Holmes....never one to get carried away

6 favourite professional poster Ian Ferguson...Fergie loved by all

7 Posters most likely to be followed....many but Chiono, Lorenzo, S Murr, Recretos, Fergie, Jo, BFTP stand out

8 Newest fad this winter OPI....early on joined the Strat as our gateway to the promised land

There rests another meteriological winter. Already looking forward to the ramping, guessing, excitement growing daily from next November.......in the meantime a pleasant warm summer please, enjoy

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