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el nino - what triggers it?

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I have a Bsc in chemistry but take an interest in oceanography and climate science as an amateur. A couple of years ago I read that nobody has been able to

pinpoint what triggers an el nino event.

I have found at a qualitative level an explanation for the trigger that accounts for the location and direction of the  major changes in sea surface temperature once

the trigger is pulled.

My proposal centres on the idea that when

the humidity of the air in the western equatorial pacific reaches a certain point rain falls and the heat it releases

rises to the top of the Walker circulation

where it is transported eastwards to

the coast of Chile. This heat transfer stops then reverses the Walker circulation. El Nino is more severe when there are thunderstorms - Julian Madden oscillations- because thunderstorms generate huge amounts of rain and heat from condensed water vapour that huge updrafts carry to the top of the Walker circulation.

Please let me know if you would like to know more.

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