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Rain turning heavier, not a sign of sleet even thus far.

Heaviest ppn about to be upon my region so if it doesn't turn to snow then this looks like another all rain event with the Urmston snow shield fully in tact.

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My drive home from work tonight! Shame it didn't stick around!

Snowing here, and now settling quite rapidly. Who'd have thought it.   

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Any reports from the Pennines? It must be turning to snow there.



It probably will of turned to snow up there some time ago!


Smaller flakes now, but the smaller flakes are always better! 1.2C now, when it hits 0.0C, I'll be happy. COME ON

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Flash village, a few miles to the south of Buxton. Just wet snow falling here at the moment in Whaley a bit further north, nothing evident that's sticking but no doubt on the tops the routes are already covered.



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