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April CET statistics and trivia

19.7 ... warmest April daily mean (29th, 1775)
16.3 ... warmest daily mean 1-15 April (15th, 1945)

11.8 ... warmest April (2011)
11.2 ... 2nd warmest April (2007)
10.6 ... 3rd warmest April (1865)
10.5 ... 4th warmest April (1943)

9.1 ... average for 2001-13
9.0 ... average for 14 yrs 1862-1875 (surprise?)

8.5 ... average for 1981-2010
8.1 ... average for 1971-2000 (and 20th century 1901-2000) (also 1971-2000)
8.0 ... average for 19th century 1801-1900

7.9 ... average for all data 1659-2013, also 1961-1990, also 18th century 1701-1800

7.5 ... 2013 CET
7.3 ... average for 1659-1700

5.8 ... 18th coldest (tied) 1986 (coldest of past half century)
5.4 ... fifth coldest (tied) -- 1917 (coldest 20th century) also 1743,1770,1799)
5.2 ... third coldest (tied) -- 1782 and 1809
4.7 ... coldest Aprils (1701 and 1837)

-0.2 ... coldest April daily mean second half (19th, 1772)
-0.5 ... coldest April daily mean (2nd, 1917 and 3rd, 1799)



Post your forecast before April 1st (late penalties apply 1-3 April)  

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This is my first time :good:

I'm going for 7.8c I reckon there are going to be some chilly interludes - snow on the highest hills/mountains.

above average rainfall may be on the cards, time will tell.

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Posted · Hidden by feb1991blizzard, March 20, 2014 - No reason given
Hidden by feb1991blizzard, March 20, 2014 - No reason given

Nice and fresh for the East, at least no oppressive weather like last week anyway.


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You are kidding???? The chances of breaking 12c this April are zero, that's more likely to be the June CET!!!!!!

April 2011 was 11.8 and April 2007 was 11.2 so 12c is possible and I would say we will see it broken in my lifetime (that's another half century if I make my late eighties) Probably unlikely this year though judging by tonight's charts. I will wait another week to make my call but I'm thinking high 9s Edited by BlueSkies_do_I_see
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With the lowest temp of the season being -7 ish and englands lowest of -6.8 on Monday it is easily possible for april to take the lowest temp since the lowest april temp is -15 deg and it is not an impossability that april could take the lowest cet of the extended winter....that would be some record in these times of extremes!

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