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Thursday 13th Feb General Weather Chat

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A dry start with patchy cloud and a strong breeze still.

Temp 2.2C so above normal.

Barometer 981mb rising

Wind F4 SSW

Rainfall Nil

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dry, still a breeze but nothing last evevning of course, no cloud and a low of 2.9C so not quite low enough for a ground frost

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One or two very light showers early yesterday evening but from 1900 it was a dry night with clear intervals. The gale or severe gale force south westerly decreased to a strong breeze by midnight.

Currently it's dry with sunny intervals.


At 0900;

Temp; 1.4c

24 hr max; 5.3c

24 hr min; 0.1c

Grass min; -2.0c

Rainfall in 24 hrs ending 0900; 10.1 mm

Mean wind speed; 19 mph SW

2 oktas Cu and St fractus

Vis; over 80 km.

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Thursday 13th February 2014:


Very windy until after midnight, slowly becoming less windy through the early hours. Sunny spells so far this morning.


Readings at 09:00 GMT:


Maximum temperature to 18:00 GMT yesterday: 7.5°C

Minimum temperature overnight 1.7°C

24-hour maximum 7.5°C

24-hour minimum: 1.7°C

Minimum temperature on grass: 0.0°C

Maximum wind gust: (Midnight to Midnight) 43.3 mph WSW

Rainfall total: 7.3mm


Conditions at 09:00 GMT


2 Okta, Stratocumulus.

Visibility: good, about 10 miles.

Temperature: 2.5°C

Humidity: 83.9%

Dew point 0.1°C


Wind Direction: Force 4-5 WSW

Barometer 987.2mb: Trend: rising.




Turning mostly cloudy overnight. Overcast so far this morning, dry, southerly wind increasing. Rain set in shortly after the observation, turning moderate at times. The afternoon saw more rain, again moderate bursts, accompanied by a strong to gale force southerly wind. The evening saw the rain clear, but the now westerly wind continued to gust to gale force.


February 2014 so far:


Mean temperature: 5.1  (0.9c) of local average)

Maximum temperature: 8.9c on the 2nd

Minimum temperature: -0.8c on the 10th

Grass Minimum: -4.4c on the 10th

Rainfall 46.7mm

Wettest 24 hours 9.9mm on the 11th.

Maximum wind gust: 46.6 mph SE on the 5th.


Winter 2013-2014 Dec-Jan-Feb:


Days sleet/Snow Falling 2

Air frosts 11

Ground frosts 38


2014 so far:


Maximum temperature: 11.3c on the 6th Jan

Minimum temperature: -1.8c on the 20th Jan

Grass Minimum: -7.1c on the 20th Jan

Rainfall 180.3mm

Wettest 24 hours 21.8mm on the 8th. Jan

Maximum wind gust: 46.6 mph SE on the 5th Feb.

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After yesterdays storm lots of twigs branches broken off 2 larger ones,4 small trees down but thorn to mountain ash.

2 roads were closed to 2 to 4 fallen trees,luckily nothing major here but it has damaged our roof of the building bit strange its pushed out and back in again and gaps have appeared.

Anyway plenty of water about,last night a min of 1.4c and over soft hail snow showers gave a slight covering,and some snow showers today.

To my amazement  drifting in a snow shower wind picked up from the SW Posted Image around 9am timed that well on one of our fields.

Max today of 3.7c showers turned more sleety,bits of snow left.

Edited by Snowyowl9

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what a difference 24 hours make, quite breezy, but long sunny periods and dry

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Just noticed something. It hasn't rained today...... Still a breeze which is quiet gusty at times. Odd gust to 46mph Other wise a pleasant day with sunny spells and on the cool side.

Max temp 6.4C

Barometer 987mb rising

Wind F4 SSW

Rainfall Nil yes that's right nil

Edited by The PIT

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Sunshine and showers


Temp 5.0c

Max Temp 8.4c

Min Temp 2.8c

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A dry and breezy day with sunny periods.


At 1800;

Temp; 2.6c

Max' today; 5.1c

Min' last night; 0.1c

Grass min; -2.0c

Rainfall from 0900-1800; 0.0 mm

Sunshine today; 5.73 hrs

Mean wind speed; 21 mph SW

Highest gust today; 46 mph SW at 1014

2 oktas Cu humilis and Sc

Vis; 80 km.

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Clear intervals last night, showers mainly 03 to 0400 with hail, then a frost. Moderate SW breeze.

Rather cloudy start with a frost, sunny spells from 10am, just a few light showers. Moderate SW to west breeze.

Clear spells this evening so far.


Min -0.3c @ 0750

Max 7.7c @ 1410

Rain yesterday 16.9mm

Rain since 0900 today: 0.3mm

Est sun 3.8 hours

Max wind WEst 26mph @ 1300


Currently: Clear spells

2.6c/ 86%/ 996mbar rising

post-2595-0-82120700-1392323542_thumb.jppost-2595-0-49729200-1392323549_thumb.jppost-2595-0-08472900-1392323567_thumb.jp post-2595-0-32317000-1392323584_thumb.jppost-2595-0-46219800-1392323617_thumb.gipost-2595-0-34343500-1392323629_thumb.pn

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A covering of snow first thing melted to give a dry windy day with sunny periods except for some rain at tea for an hour or so .

Max 5 deg

min 2 deg

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