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Possible severe Atlantic storms over the Christmas period

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I remember in autumn 2000 se uk had wettest autumn for a wee while.... There was a storm that gave kent 90-100mph winds....in october that year i was at uni in canterbury and lived on campus..... I remember waking up at 7am and looking out the window to see a piece of guttering fly past and trees falling one after the other.... But that was 90 mph + inland, not 60-70mph which is predicted.. I remember the forecast before the storm on bbc saying it could be the worst since 1987.... It wasnt.... Its not going to be that bad tomorrow either.... The 1997/1998 christmas eve/ boxing day storms were really bad in scotland, ni, iom....But not much media focused on them as they affected the north...

Ps also previous to the north of scotland/ shetlands xmas storm in 1994/95 had no red warning etc like they can issue nowadays.... Yet they had to helicopter in food and water as people were stranded for a week or more....

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