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Possible severe Atlantic storms over the Christmas period

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No doubt, David Cameron probably suggesting a Cobra meeting tomorrow. The next storm is worser than St Jude's


It is much more widespread, longer timing and wetter too.

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Aye Super Cameron to the rescue. Plays superman music the clouds part the sun comes out and the wind goes up Daves ass. Funny a starry night it's hard to believe a front isn't far away.

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Here the other side of the hills near Buxton it's pouring down accompanied by some 40mph gusts at times.

Same here in East Lancashire.Absolutely hammering it down and blowing a gale.Shame it's not snow but two out of three ain't bad.
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ECM 12z is deeper than the last run by 5-10mb.


It was showing 935mb this morning, now showing somewhere in the region of 925-930.


Posted Image


I can't remember the last time that the models were still upgrading at this range. It's normally downgrades!


Edit: Weather Online showing the ECM at 928mb.

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Perhaps Santa has put this in place to assist him in the almost impossible task of delivering presents to almost 70 million people in such a small area.

seriously though , I hope we do have downgrades, I am moving a boat southwards to London, and realistically have lost monday as a cruising day. Some of the gusts between 5 and 6 tonight were moving the boat into the pilings whilst cruising along-not something I have had happen before.

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