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Anyone about to study s141 with the OU ?

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Designed to follow our key introductory course in science – Exploring science (S104) – this course focuses on developing your experimental, investigative and mathematical skills. You’ll gain confidence in using mathematics as a scientific tool by working through questions in a study book with worked examples. You’ll investigate weather patterns and events around the world, and develop your observational skills by studying your local weather to make your own short-term forecast. And you’ll learn key scientific skills by doing experiments at home, and working online with a small group to discuss experimental design, collect data and compare results.


I'm not I'm afraid, I guess you are just about to embark?

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I'm just about to start 'S104 - Exploring Science' this October. Received all the text books and 'practical kit' last week.

I'll be doing S141 next year but that's no help to you obviously! :p


Out of interest, are you doing it as part of a degree or standalone? I've been in higher education before for my HNC, but now decided to venture into degree level to try get the BSc (Hons) Natural Sciences. Going to be a busy few years I think with full time work as well!

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Sorry I missed the replies - been on my holidays :)


Hi Chris , good luck with S104 . I am actually doing BA History but I have 30 credits free choice and S141 looks just my cup of tea ! Hoping we have a great winter for me to study :)


I work full time too and it does get fraught at times , especially around TMA time but manageable ( for me anyway)  and worth it .

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