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Ireland Regional Discussion - Autumn 2013

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Dunno about you but this is onionse!


Temp: 1.9c

Dew: 1.1c

Sorry but actually left trouser leg off. It is so irritating, the uppers are -7c right now yet its raining. And ronan could you please tell me where it is snowing and lying right now because neither coleraine limavady or ballymoney has any snow. The closest we have got to snow is stupid hail, we haven't even seen sleet! So stupid.

I bet when I open the curtains inn the morning, there will be snow like 5 fields up. As always.

If its not snowing now its not going to snow at all. So tonight is officually a mega fail. What a let down.

Snow falling - 150m

Snow lying - 200m

Omgg omg its actually snowing. Jesus christ look

Posted Image

Gary I think thats the colder air now. Its proper snowing.

Temp: 0.9c

Dew point: 0.1c

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