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Somerset Squall

Tropical Cyclone Peta

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Tropical Cyclone 12S has formed just off the Pilbara coast of NW Australia, and is located northwest of Port Hedland and northeast of Karratha. Intensity is 30kts. The cyclone has a modest amount of deep convection near the LLC. 12S is expected to strengthen a little over the next 24hrs before land interaction on the west-southwesterly track causes the cyclone to weaken again. As 12S weakens and emerges over water again, shear is expected to rise, meaning 12S will not recover long term and instead dissipate over the southeast Indian Ocean.


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12S has become Tropical Cyclone Peta overnight, with sustained winds now at 35kts. Peta has a central dense overcast feature and more pronounced banding features this morning. The cyclone has dipped southwestwards and is making landfall east of Karratha this morning, so further strengthening is unlikely, especially as shear will rise over Peta when it emerges back over waters. Heavy rains are the primary concern from Peta.

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