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Exceptionally mild: 9th-10th January 1998

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Not what a cold weather fan want to see during January, a tropical southwesterly flow across the UK. A classic Fohn set-up produced exceptionally high temperatures

9th January 1998

16.7C at Hawarden

15.9C at Tivington

15.0C at Heathrow

10th January 1998

17.3C at Prestatyn

16.2C at Rhyl

15.7C at Trawscoed

15.6C at Nantmor

Forecasts from 9th, 10th and 11th January 1998


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I've mentioned before that in the super-mild second week of February 1998, the warm sunshine struggled to penetrate as far north as the Tyne and Wear area, only really making it on the 13th. Although the satellite images on those forecasts imply a similar story for the January 1998 spell, there was actually a fair amount of hazy sunshine in Tyneside on the afternoon of the 9th, throughout the 10th, and for most of the day on the 11th, and most of the cloud cover was thin high cloud. Perhaps the greater southerly component to the wind direction helped the sunshine penetrate further north to the east of high ground. It was still grey and wet in the NW though.

Edited by Thundery wintry showers

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