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Weather in India

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I saw that the situation in India is very dangerous, with very low temperatures... 20 people died... What do you know?

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Yet another worrying development involving 'odd' behaviours of the n. Hemispheres 'average' ciculation patterns?

As with our monsoon summers let us all hope it is a transient thing and that once the Arctic settles into it's new state the N.Hemiphere will also settle into new patterns which do not involve such extremes?

As it is any mid continent forming a static H.P. over winter will cool. When it happens here our model watchers call it 'Faux cold' but there is nothing 'Faux' about the cold in Russia, China and India a.t.m.!!!

Sadly the same applies in summer with static H.P.'s feeding into their own 'weather' but this time it is the heat that leads to a drying of the land lowering relative humidity and further enhancing the very hot temps.

Watch for the new Russian drought and wildfires this upcoming summer and China?) hopefully the monsoonal weather over the indian continent will mean they will not suffer in the same way?

The other worry with these new 'averages' in N.Hemisphere pressure patterns is the one in Southern Greenland. This bled into Canada/U.S. very early in the year last year leading to their sweltering spring setting the scene for the drought conditions and aiding in Sandy's impacts on N.Y./east coast. If this is an area of H,P, that will again dominate expect a return to drought for the U.S. and conditions that will start to surpass the dustbowl years. also watch out for another period of melt at Summit camp, Greenland, as waves of heat from the U.S. wash over the tops there.

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