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11th/12th January 1999 frontal snowfalls.

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An occlusion coming in from the WNW, cold air entrenched in over the UK, result: snowfalls. This what happened during overnight 11th January into 12th January 1999. I remember waking up that morning to snow cover and falling snow. Sadly it cleared away and the thaw began. Showers moved in during the late afternoon but they were of rain.

Posted Image

Peter Cockcroft warns of the snow threat.

BBC news report on the usual disruption

Penny Tranter shows a radar animation of the front pushing through

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Lancaster had lying snow from the frontal system on the 12th, although it soon melted there.

In the Tyne and Wear area the front had largely fizzled out by the time it reached the region, but prior to that, there were snow showers overnight 10th/11th January due to a weak trough in the North Sea that temporarily turned the airflow around to the NE and brought snow showers inland. I woke up to about an inch of snow on the 11th which was a surprise as the TV forecasts had suggested snow showers dying back to coastal parts of the SE, and most of it was still lying by the evening of the 12th.

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I remember it well we had  a good 5 inch cover of damp type snow with no drifting,plenty to skid on but didn't last long !

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