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The Future of the World's Oceans and Seas

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How can you completely dismiss skepticalscience, peer reviewed standards and amateur scientists in some posts, yet throw a load of links from the blog of a politically motivated former TV weatherman who hosts bloggers, politicians, journalists and all kinds of oil funded propaganda nuts as evidence? The double standards are incredible!


What do you think those posts say anyway, SI? Because 2 clarify that the oceans are warming (but debate the seasonal variations) and one has to get things horribly wrong and perform wondrous cherry picking to incorrectly show the oceans, in the northern hemisphere specifically, are not warming at a statistically significant rate since 2003.

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If I fancy a good read of fantasy I think I prefer Tolkien to Eschenbach or Tisdale. They both have a lot of previous.


Something Really Obvious: Wondering Willis Eschenbach doesn't check facts...



Willis Eschenbach wonders about CERES


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