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September 2012 Summary And Stats

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September 2012 here ended up with an average temperature of 13.2C. The highest temperature was on the 8th at 24.0C and the coldest night was 4.3C on the morning of the 22nd. On the 23rd temperatures failed to exceed 9.8C making it the coldest September day for over 20 years in radstock. It was another fairly damp month but not as much so as previous months with a rainfall total of 81.4mm. It was quite a windy month with the highest gust of 31mph experienced on the 24th. Winds were mostly between SW and NW through the month at 90%. Sunshine amounts registered 122hrs and 18minutes with the sunniest day on the 7th when 11 hours and 30 minutes shone down on the town. There was only 1 day without a glimpse of sun and that was on the 23rd. Thunder and Lightning was experienced once on the 26th with a morning of radiation fog on the 8th lasting 8 hours. there were no unusual weather phenomenon to report in September.

These Figures and other Parameters for September, Summer 2012 and the year to date can be viewed in tabular form on my website at http://www.norton-radstockweather.co.uk/page13.htm.

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For Cantley overall a warm dry start to the month with a mean for the first 10 days of 16.5C followed by the last 10 days with 1.5C.

Rainfall not that far from average.


Avge Max=18.8C, warmest day=9th with 26.9C, coldest=25th with 11.6C (the coldest since 3 June)

Avge Min=9.6C, coldest night=23rd with 3.4C and the warmest night=10th with 16.1C.

14 days with 0.2mm or more; 7 with 1.0mm or more; the wettest day 24th with 15.2mm.

No fog, frost, thunder or snow.

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This September was the third driest September on record here. Only Sep 1941 and Sep 2003 were drier, when we received no rain at all. The subtropical ridge was dominant for the first half of the month bringing more dry weather. A 31-day dry spell came to an end on the 13th. A few troughs formed about the state in the second half of the month, but moisture has continued to be fairly absent over a decent swathe of the country. Both the days and nights were warmer than average during September. We only had one maximum below 20ºC during the month (which occurred on Sep 1st).

Rainfall at South West Rocks during September 2012:

13th - 0.6mm

20th - 0.2mm

24th - 1.4mm

  • Below average rainfall was recorded during September, with 2.2mm falling.
  • This is 54.4mm below the September average (Sep Avg. 56.6mm), or 3.89% of the average.
  • There were 3 rain days during September. (Sep Avg. 8.4 raindays)
  • Two thunderstorms passed over South West Rocks during September:

1 x 13/9 ("dry", high-based t'storm, less than 0.2mm fell during the storm)

1 x 24/9 (very lightning active, high-based storm)

  • Jan to Sep rainfall total is 1181.4mm, which is 22.1mm above average (Jan-Sep Avg. 1159.3mm).

Summary of September 2012 temperatures (LTA = Long-term Average):

Sep 2012 Avg. Max: 23.1ºC (LTA: 21.8ºC)

Sep 2012 Avg. Min: 13.9ºC (LTA: 13.4ºC)

Highest max: 28.0ºC (Sep 7th)

Lowest max: 18.8ºC (Sep 1st)

Highest min: 18.1ºC (Sep 29th)

Lowest min: 7.5ºC (Sep 1st)

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September 2012 Statistics

Mean Maximum: 17.5C

Mean Minimum: 10.0C

Overall Mean: 13.8C

Monthly Rainfall total: 134.5mm* (New site record)

Rainfall days: 17

Max rainfall in one day: 52.4mm (25th September)* (New site record)

Highest daily maximum temperature: 25.2C (8th September)

Lowest daily maximum temperature: 11.4C (25th September)

Highest daily minimum temperature: 14.9C (7th September)

Lowest daily minimum temperature: 2.9C (22nd September) (*new date record)

Days with Ground Frost: 0

Days with Air Frost: 0

Days of falling snow: 0

Days of lying snow: 0

Thunder days: 1

Temperature frequency breakdown

Maximum temperature:

10.0C to 14.9C: 7 days

15.0C to 19.9C: 15 days

20.0C to 24.9C: 7 days

25.0C to 29.9C: 1 days

Minimum temperature:

0.0C to 4.9C: 2 days

5.0C to 9.9C: 11 days

10.0C to 14.9C: 17 days

Compared to the September CET (81-10 average = 14.0), my average comes in at 0.2C below the CET average, making it a slightly below average month

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Being situated just 15 miles from Gibby's location my September highest maximum and lowest minimum occured on the same days and I

also recorded the lowest daytime max I have ever recorded (since beginning in 2003) on the 22nd! It was the coolest September since 2008.

There were 14 days where the maximum was between 14c-17c.

Despite the LOW pressure last week the rainfall was still the 2nd driest I have recorded and it was the first month since May where dry days

have outnumbered rain days!

For Warminster, Wiltshire

Average max = 17.70c (Highest = 23.8c on 8th)

Average min = 10.49c (Lowest = 6.3c on 22nd)

Mean = 14.09c

Dry days = 17

Rain days = 13

Rainfall = 49mm (of which 31mm came on 23rd & 24th)

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September 2012 at Lampeter, Ceredigion

Very cool: Dry first half then unsettled

Only small amounts of rain with just 14mm for the first half, and in spite of a wet second half the average (approx 100mm) was still not attained. Some warm weather during the first 8 days, but no real heat, then maxima almost exclusively below average to the month end, with some very cool days indeed. It was probably the coldest September since 1994.

1st -8th: Often warm and dry with sunny periods.

9th – 22nd: Rather unsettled and cool, mostly light rain or showers at times. Seasons first air frost 22nd, minimum of -0.7c.

23rd – 26th: Very cool with spells of rain, heavy at times. The offshoot of hurricane Nadine bringing very disturbed weather with pressure below 990 mbar for 48 hours. Maxima below 11c on both the 23rd and 25th – the lowest in September for many years, perhaps back to 1986.

27th – 30th: Cool and rather unsettled with rain at times. Bright and dry 29th.

Total rainfall: 80.3mm

Wettest day: 18.6mm

Rain days >0.2mm: 22

Wet days >1.0mm: 16

Days of heavy rain >10mm: 3

Mean temperature: 11.8c

Mean Max: 16.2c

Mean Min: 7.3c

High Max: 22.6c 8th

Low Max: 10.5c 25th

High Min: 13.9c 10th

Low Min: -0.7c 22nd

Air frost: 1

Ground frost: 2

Mean RH: 87%

High RH: 99% 17th

Low RH: 37% 8th

Predominant wind directions: SSE

Mean wind speed: 1,3mph

Mean pressure: 1015mbar

Max pressure: 1031mbar 5th

Min pressure: 983mbar 26th

Days with:

Hail: 0

Gale: 0

Thunder: 0

Fog: 4

Fog at 0900: 1


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Mean Max: 15.9C (+0.3)

Mean Min: 8.2C (-0.5)

Overall Mean: 12.0C (-0.2)

Highest Max: 24.5C (3rd)

Lowest Max: 11.7C (25th)

Highest Min: 12.5C (4th, 7th)

Lowest Min: 1.6C (23rd)

Rainfall: 50.0mm (85%)

Rain days: 17

Wet days: 6

Wettest day: 17.2mm (25th)

Sunshine: 165.1hrs (127%)

Sunless days: 3

Max total: 12.1hrs (8th)

The 6th consecutive below average monthly mean temp but the sunniest September since 2004 and the driest since 2008. Sunnier than any of the past 10 summer months - which have all had below average sunshine - and the 3rd sunniest month of 2012 behind May (223.7hrs) and March (189.7hrs).

The Septembers of 2007 and 2008 both had a lower mean max while September 2010 had a considerably cooler mean max. The highest max and lowest min were both records for September since I started recording in 2005. The combination of above average mean max and below average mean min is so rare nowadays I can't remember the last time it happened. Possibly as long ago as Sept 2003.

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HOBART is Tasmania's capital city. Situated at sealevel with hills all around, it is also backed by a 1270m/4200ft mountain range.

September - First month of spring

Lots of variability.

Intense low pressure systems barrelled northward during the first half of the month, skirting Tasmania's southern coast and bringing a prolonged period of strong to gale force westerly winds. The most active cold fronts during this period brought blustery showers and mountain snow, which descended to about the 400m level. The middle part of the month saw an onshore easterly flow develop, circulating between a weak high pressure system to the south east and a low pressure trough extending from the mainlands east coast down to Tasmania's north east coast. This produced low cloud, hill fog, and drizzle and rain at times. The final third of the month was more settled, culminating in a warm airflow projected down from the warming continent, before an active cold front crossed at the very end with the arrival of more mountain snow, again down to about the 400m level.

For the 12th month in a row ( wow ), the average monthly temperature exceeded the 1981-2010 average.

Average minimum: 7.3 ( +0.4 )

Average maximum: 15.9 ( +0.5 )

Rainfall: 68mm ( Average 54mm )

Daily temperature extremes

Highest maximum: 25.0 ( Record 31.0 in 1987 )

Lowest maximum: 11.0 ( Record 6.1 in 1905 )

Highest minimum: 12.2 ( Record 18.0 in 1973 )

Lowest minimum: 2.8 ( Record -0.8 in 1897 )

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Rainfall: 24 days

Fog: 2 days

Air frost: 1 day

Snowfall: 0

Thunder: 0

Maximum Temperature: 19C (2nd, 3rd, 4th)

Minumum Temperature: -1C (22nd)

Coldest Maximum: 10C (20th)

Warmest Minimum: 15C (1st, 7th)

Largest range of daily temperatures: 14C (22nd)

Range of Monthly Extremes: 20C

Temperature Frequency Breakdown:

Maximum temperatures:

15 to 19C: 17 days

10 to 14C: 13 days

Minimum Temperatures:

15 to 19C: 2 days

10 to 14C: 10 days

6 to 9C: 10 days

1 to 5C: 8 days

-4 to 0C: 1 day

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Mean: 12.3°C

Mean maximum: 16.1°C

Mean minimum: 8.7°C

Maximum temperature: 25.1°C

Minimum temperature: 2.3°C

Lowest maximum: 9.7°C

Highest minimum: 14.5°C

Precipitation: 97.9mm

Precipitation days: 13

Most in one day: 45.5mm

Maximum wind gust: 46mph

Sunshine: 146

Mean: 5.0

Most in one day: 10

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