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Fire Tonado In Alice Springs

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The saying about learning something new every day has just applied to me! Thank you for sharing.

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wow, i didn't know you could get a fire tornado.

A fire whirl, colloquially fire devil or fire tornado, is a phenomenon—rarely captured on camera—in which a fire, under certain conditions (depending on air temperature and currents), acquires a vertical vorticity and forms a whirl, or a tornado-like vertically oriented rotating column of air. Fire whirls may be whirlwinds separated from the flames, either within the burn area or outside it, or a vortex of flame, itself.


A rare sight indeed.

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It's called a willy willy here, or more commonly known as a dust devil. No tornado.

Great video, first I've seen it.

The Australian English term "willy-willy" or "whirly-whirly" is thought to derive from Yindjibarndi or a neighboring language.[2] In Aboriginal myths, willy willies represent spirit forms. They are often quite scary spirits, and parents may warn their children that if they misbehave, a spirit will emerge from the spinning vortex of dirt and chastise them. There is a story of the origin of the brolga in which a bad spirit descends from the sky and captures the young being and abducts her by taking the form of a willy-willy.

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