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Gavin P

Extreme Heat And Cold - Autumn 1919

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Enjoyed your latest video, to see such low upper air temperatures in September and then again early-mid November is quite exceptional. Perhaps the early build up of cold to the north helped to fire up the jetstream thanks to lots of cyclogensis to the NW and thus ensured a mild zonal winter followed with a strong polar vortex.... its a good lesson to those who believe early cold in autumn is a good building block to a cold winter, a bit like heatwaves in April and May (as we know in recent years) don't necessarily lead to warm summers.

The charts of Nov 1919 remind me of the charts of late Nov 2010, the only other occasions in the 20th century when we saw comparable synoptics and depth of cold in November were 1915 and 1965 I think..., the recent cold spells of Nov 85, 88 and 93 weren't quite as severe- though not far off..

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Thanks Damian. :)

Yep, it is shocking to see that -5c 850 isotherm over the country in September - Especially considering just a few days earlier we'd had 850's of 15c+

Don't you just love crazy British weather? rofl.gif

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