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Davis Vantage Pro2 ?

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Hi ,just a quick question, along with this weather station mentioned above, I have weather-link but I have just updated my computer from an old desk-top to a new laptop. Ive put the weatherlink programme on my laptop. The problem is I have no connection between my laptop and it cannot find any ports etc. Im puzzled as I have the weatherlink interface and when I pull the usb cable out I hear the laptop bleep, so I must have a connection! Do I need a later version of weatherlink???

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The latest version is six. You haven't mentioned which operating system you're now using or what version of weatherlink.

Drivers and updates can be downloaded from here http://www.davisnet....loads/index.asp

Awwwhhh , Youre a good one mate. many thanks and Best Wishes Ian.good.gifgood.gifgood.gif

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