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Thursday 19th July 2012 Weather And General Chat

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1009.7 mb rising 0.5 mb/hr

Wind 9.6 mph gusting 20.7 mph max W

DP 16.1°C

Humidity 79%

1.0mm rain last 24 hours

Cloud base 1581 ft

Grey and cloudy

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Temperature 16.2 °C

Dew Point 13 °C


Speed / Dir 8.0 km/h / 2.2 m/s from WSW

Wind Gust 16.1 km/h


Pressure 1008 hPa

Clouds Scattered Clouds 365 m


Humidity 89%

Rainfall 0 mm

Sunshine and blue sky

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A couple of light showers yesterday evening then dry until early this morning when drizzle arrived from the north.

Currently overcast and foggy with light-moderate rain or moderate-heavy drizzle.

At 0800 g.m.t;

Temp', 10.5c

24 hr max', 19.9c

24 hr min', 10.3c

Grass min', 10.2c

Rainfall in 24 hrs ending 0800 g.m.t, 4.5 mm

Mean wind speed, 5 mph N

8 oktas Ns and St

Vis', between 500 and 800 mts

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Thursday 19th July 2012:

Variable cloud overnight. The day dawned with variable cloud and a few showers in the vicinity. After a moderate short shower around 06:00 GMT the morning so far has been overcast.

Today's readings for the 24 hrs up to 09:00 GMT:

Maximum temperature to 18:00 GMT yesterday: 20.2°C

Minimum temperature overnight: 12.2°C

24-hour maximum 20.2°C

24-hour minimum: 12.2°C

Minimum temperature on grass: 11.1°C

Maximum wind gust: MPH (Midnight to Midnight) 15.4 SW.

Rainfall total: 3.6 mm

Current Conditions:

8 Oktas: Stratocumulus.

Visibility: about 10 miles.

Temperature: 14.4°C


Dew point 11.6°C

Wind Direction: Force 3-4 N

Barometer 1010mb rising.


Cloudy and warm overnight, low 15.6c. mainly cloudy to observation with the odd spot of rain and a few brighter spells, feeling warm and humid. There were further bright and sunny spells through the day but also large amounts of cloud with showers breaking out, by mid afternoon these became heavy with thunder. The showers cleared by early evening.

July 2012 so far:

Mean temperature: 15.4c (-1.3c) of the local average)

Maximum temperature: 22.4c on the 4th

Minimum temperature: 7.4c on the 12th

Grass Minimum: 6.5c on the 12th

Rainfall 94.1 mm

Wettest 24 hours 16.2 mm on the 5th

Maximum wind gust: 21.8 mph SW on the 1st.

2012 so far

Maximum temperature: 26.0c on the 24th May.

Minimum temperature: -8.9c on the 4th Feb

Grass Minimum: -11.2c on the 4th Feb

Rainfall = 534.4 mm

Wettest 24 hours, 20.4mm on the 28th June

Maximum wind gust: 48.6mph, NW 5th Jan

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Early heavy showers from a Bristol Channel streamer died out by 09.00 and since then it's been a fine day with sunny spells and all

manner of Cumulus types.

A fresh WNW breeze, 18.1c, 85% humidity.

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Funny how the nice weather has shrunk this thread! Pretty much the same as directly above. Quite a bit of cloud has appeared after a late blast of sun, Thin with a good few breaks.

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A cloudy day with drizzle and rain at first, clearing by 0930 g.m.t. Intermittent drizzle or a few spots of rain for the rest of the morning and into the early afternoon and then some light-moderate showers by late afternoon. Foggy until mid-morning and intermittently after 1600 g.m.t.

At 1800 g.m.t;

Temp', 11.6c

Max' today, 14.0c

Min' last night, 10.3c

Grass min', 10.2c

Rainfall from 0800-1800 g.m.t, 2.8 mm

Sunshine today, 0.01 hrs

Mean wind speed, 1 mph N

Highest gust today, 40 mph NW at 0417 g.m.t

8 oktas As, Cu and St fractus

Light shower falling

Vis', 12 km.

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Mostly sunny this morning, but cloud pushed in mid afternoon and mostly cloudy since but with a bit of brightness mid evening. Not bad overall and much better than recent Thursdays*.

* Not saying much.

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Clear intervals last night, showers later.

Showers around dawn, then sunny intervals, cloudier afternoon. Rather cool, moderate NW breeze.


Min: 11.6c @ midnight

Max: 17.7c @ 1300

Rain yesterday: 11.2mm

Rain since 10am today: Nil

Currently: Clear intervals, cool.

Temp: 10.5c

RH: 88%

Pressure: 1016mbar, steady.


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