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Imported Continental Lows

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Hey guys,

Does anyone have any charts and stories to share of some summer imported continental lows that have occured in the past, bringing hot and humid temperatures with some intense thunderstorms?

On tonights 18Z (deep in FI, as you'd expect) such a chart can be seen and it got me thinking, it must have been a good while since we've had one in summer.

We really need a change from these atlantic lows, I'm going crazy with boredom when it comes to our weather thanks to these last two and half weeks! We need something more interesting, I do wish this would happen!




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21st-22nd August 1987 is one that sticks in my memory. The forecast was for only the SE to be under the threat of thunderstorms but it was much further west the low and I remember large drops of rain falling from deep altocumulus castellanus that Friday evening. There was a storm way out west Saturday morning, I remember seeing the lightning flashes. We had a really heavy thundery shower in the afternoon and a man was killed by lightning whilst fishing by the storm. The follow day was a washout.

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Sounds rather spectacular does that, I hate how they seem to be so rare, especially nowadays!

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