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Crescent Moon, Jupiter, Mars And Saturn: 6th April 2000

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The recent Venus-Jupiter conjunction made me dig out this old footage taken by my dad of that wonderful conjunction of the crescent Moon, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn taken on the evening of 6th April 2000. It was an amazing sight. Saturn is to the top left of the Moon with Mars and Jupiter close to each other to the right of the Moon. Even more amazing was the unexpected auroral display that night, the best and most widely seen for some years. A double treat for astronomy lovers.

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That's lovely Mr D, especially - as you say - with the aurora.


It won't be until the spring of 2020 that we see Mars, Jupiter and Saturn all within a relatively small area of the sky again. Jupiter and Saturn conjucntions only happen roughly every 20 years but I think the next one is a really close one.

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