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Paul Sherman

Reports & Pictures Chase Day 1 - Arizona

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Started the day in Base City and watched some decent convection over the Superstition Mountains from our Hotel. All models showed the Tucson area as game on today and areas to the east of Phoenix over the Mountainous areas, Storms would struggle to get and keep going on the desert floor today so Night-time Lightning was not possible.

Went east on Highway 60 through Apache Junction and onto Superior, then took Highway 177 South by about 15 miles to be about 5 miles North of a nice High Based typcial Monsoon Pulse Storm. Watched this for just under 45 minutes and got some decent Cg's. Temperatures at 4,000ft asl dropped into the 90's which was a relief for a short while. Storms then lost intensity so we headed back to Phoenix and by the time we got back all Storms had dried up so no Night-time Lightning Op's today. Went for a meal for Paul's Birthday and returned to the Hotel.

Tomorrow looking like a repeat performance before more chances of overnight storms on Friday and Saturday.

Paul S









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I bet those cgs echo around the mountains! , great daytime shots.

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