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Weather in the general media (Newspaper features etc)

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With state of the art technology and the latest info available at the flick of a switch I fail to see why the public should have to put up with out of date forecasts. In this fast moving situation its

I've only gone and done it. This went to the Press Complaints Commission this morning....         1i) The Press must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information, including

Some more images from London this morning  

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BBC monthly outlook

Monday 26 March—Sunday 1 April

Turning colder again ... but will there be snow?

After a cold start on Monday with local fog, many areas will have sunny spells before cloud and rain approach from the west later on. Widespread rain on Monday night, the rain could be heavy for many with sleet and snow on the high ground in Scotland.

Through Tuesday and Wednesday there will be showers or rain at times for many, wintry over northern hills, but some brighter interludes are possible too. It will start to feel colder again and there is a risk of gales for the Northern Isles on Tuesday.

For the second half of next week and into the Easter period the risk of significant cold and snowfall has reduced over the last few days. However, the jet stream will be meandering well to the south of the UK at times, keeping conditions fairly chilly and there will be some rain at times for most.
Wintry precipitation at times in the north but predominantly over hills.

Monday 2 April—Sunday 8 April

Any signs of Spring?

Heading through the first half of April, weather models are showing rather differing solutions for the synoptic pattern around Europe. This does reduce confidence levels, but nonetheless it seems reasonably likely that there will be high pressure to the west of the UK a times whilst low pressure circulates more frequently over mainland Europe. This will likely force further incursions of cold air from the north on occasion, maintaining the below average temperatures that have been a near constant feature so far in spring. The high pressure should prevent any deep low pressure areas from
impacting from the UK through this period ensuring a lack of stormy weather, but this doesn't mean that unsettled conditions won't prevail.

Monday 9 April—Sunday 15 April

A change of type

Heading towards mid-April, there could be somewhat of a pattern change as high pressure that was to the west retreats south slightly, becoming centred closer to SE Europe. This may allow low pressure areas to track more readily into the North Sea/Scandinavia region for a time, thus the
greatest chance of wet and breezy weather for northern and eastern parts of the UK. Whilst temperatures will probably still be slightly below average, there should be some intrusions of milder air on occasion as winds swing to the west.

Next Update

Winter appears to be slow to lose its grip on the UK this year. We will be looking for any indications of any drier, milder and calmer interludes of weather going into the second half of April or will it be cool and unsettled?


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UK weather: Heavy snow to BLANKET Britain on Easter weekend as Scandinavian FREEZE hits

BRITAIN is bracing for a barrage of snow to hit the country this week as freezing northeasterly winds sweep across the country as Brits plan for the Bank Holiday weekend.


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Mixed picture for Easter

"Following the two recent spells of extreme cold weather there has been speculation that a cold and snowy Easter is on its way. However for the majority of the country and for the majority of the time, this is not so

Throughout the Easter weekend it will stay unsettled with showers or longer outbreaks of rain for most. There will be some sunshine at times as well though, with the best of any drier and brighter weather expected across the northwest.

It is going to continue to feel on the cold side throughout much of the holiday period and there is a still a risk of snow in some places, but mainly over higher ground in the northeast of the UK.  Parts of the south could turn a  little milder by the end of the Holiday weekend.

It is worth noting that given the time of year the sun is much stronger than it was even a month ago and the daylight hours longer, meaning any snow is less likely to settle by day, so even if we do see some snow to low levels it is more unlikely to cause disruption."



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Easter weather FREEZING forecast: UK faces THUNDER SNOW and Arctic winds in 24 hours

BRITAIN is just 24 hours away from the next big freeze as the nation battens down the hatches for sub-zero temperatures, bitter winds, rain and snow. Heavy wintry showers, hail and explosive outbreaks of ‘thundersnow' threaten chaos in parts of the country over the Easter weekend, forecasters warn. 


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Easter weather WASHOUT: UK faces rain, hail, thunder and SNOW this Bank Holiday weekend

BRITAIN faces an Easter washout with torrential rain, hail, thunder and snow threatening to keep the nation on lockdown through the bank holiday. Weather models which had earlier favoured widespread wintry showers are now veering towards torrential Easter rainfall across Britain.


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Easter SNOW: Met Office issues UK weather alert for huge SNOW STORM on Bank Holiday Monday

BRITAIN is back on Easter freeze alert with a violent storm set to unleash a near nationwide snow deluge this weekend.


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BBC weather forecast: Three shock ALERTS issued with snow to SUBMERGE UK on Easter Monday

THE Met Office has issued three weather warnings for severe snowfall on Easter Monday, with up to 10cm of snowfall set to pummel Britain on the bank holiday which threatens to cause havoc on the country's roads. Britain is facing three shock weather warnings for snowfall tomorrow, with significant rainfall set to turn into heavy snow as temperatures plunge below freezing.



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BBC monthly outlook

Wednesday 4 April—Sunday 8 April
Often wet, but milder this weekend

Wednesday will remain unsettled, as low pressure tracks steadily north-east across England and Wales. This will bring outbreaks of rain to northern Britain, with upland snow developing widely across the Scottish mountains. Fairly widespread showers are expected to develop across central and southern areas, some of which will be heavy with small hail and thunder. Overnight, showers will ease, and rain will slowly ease from central Britain, allowing it to turn dry with clearing skies for many areas.

Thursday will be much drier, as a ridge of high pressure moves across the country. There will be sunny periods and fair-weather cloud for many areas, although Scotland will see thicker cloud with the risk of a few showers developing here. Any sunshine will turn increasingly hazy from the west later, as high cloud begins to build ahead of an advancing warm front. This will bring a cloudier afternoon to Northern Ireland, with a few spots of rain developing here later. Overnight, a south-easterly wind will strengthen, and a slow-moving band of rain will move into western Britain.

By Friday, low pressure looks to remain near-stationary to the west of the UK, with a mild south-easterly airflow continuing. Patchy frontal rain is expected to make little progress east, perhaps bringing some rain towards Central Britain.

By this weekend, low pressure is expected to remain to the west or south-west of the UK, with spells of rain most likely to push into southern and central Britain from the south. Temperatures remaining a touch above average this weekend.

Monday 9 April—Sunday 15 April
Gradually turning drier and more settled

Low pressure is expected to provide rather wet and cloudy conditions across the southern portion of the country, especially during the first few days of the week. Some of the rain may be heavy and persistent. At the same time, high pressure is expected to become increasingly dominant to the north-east of the UK, with a cooler easterly or north-easterly airflow developing across northern Britain in particular. Largely dry conditions are expected to prevail here for much of the week, although weakening frontal systems from the north-west may encroach upon north-west Scotland, perhaps bringing some patchy rain here. Once early rain eases from southern Britain, it will become drier here, as frontal systems recede to the south-west of the UK. Northern and eastern Britain are likely to see the best of the sunshine, and also the driest conditions.

Monday 16 April—Tuesday 29 May (May? ?)
Cool, but perhaps settled for a time

Longer range models indicate the continued migration of high pressure towards the UK during the middle of April. Although the exact pattern will very much be dependent on the orientation of the high, current indications are for an easterly or perhaps south-easterly airflow to continue for the UK. Rather dry conditions are expected to predominate, with frontal systems expected to remain to the south-west of the UK by this point, and temperatures are expected to remain slightly above average. As we look towards the final week of April, there are some signs that high pressure will move away from the UK, allowing low pressure to become anchored near to our shores. There are signals too for temperatures to dip below average, with an increasing threat of more widespread rain. Inevitably, the increasing strength of the sun may allow some heavy showers to develop too - a stark contrast to the drier weather expected through the middle of April!

Next Update

Will we see a more noticeable cold spell develop towards the end of this month?


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