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January Weather Statistics

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January Weather for Cantley

Mean temp=4.8C, +1.3C above the long term average

Avge Min=2.0C(1.2C) lowest min=-3.7C on 21st, highest=9.7C on 13th

Avge Max=7.5C(5.9C), highest max=14.0C on 16th and lowest day max=3.2C on 3rd

rainfall=23.1mm with 15 days with 0.2mm or more and 6 with 1.0mm or more; the wettest day=5th with 4.2mm.

Snow falling =2, lying=1

Air frost=1-

Ground frost=20

No fog or thunder.

Overall after a coldish start an above average month for temperatures, close to average for frost and below for snow, fog and thunder and also rainfall amount.

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You just beat me to it John!

My statistics for central Reading in January 2011:

Average maximum: 6.9

Average minimum: 2.9

Average for month: 4.9

Highest maximum: 13.4 (January 13)

Lowest maximum: 1.8 (29)

Highest minimum: 12.0 (13)

Lowest minimum: -2.6 (31)

Air frosts: 7 (although we had three nights with a minimum of exactly 0.0 too)

Ice days: 0

No snow or thunder recorded.

Rainfall: no data available for this site; Reading University shows around 95mm for the month, which is above average.

Statistically an unexceptional month overall. A quiet and cloudy first week, mild and wet second week and a quiet anticyclonic second half of the month with temperatures steadily falling. There were several wet days between the 6th and 18th that contributed to a wetter than average month. No sunshine statistics available for this location, but overall it seemed a rather dull month, reflected in the below normal diurnal temperature variation.

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January 2011, Lampeter, Ceredigion


Cold and frosty, very little snow, slightly above average rainfall

A disappointment for cold and snow lovers after late November and December's excesses, however this January in many Winter's of old would have been perceived as a cold one, with air frosts on 17 nights, these severe at times, as low as minus 10.9c, which in itself was rather unusual pre 2009. Apart from the frequent frosts, a green rather white month though.

Most of the rain fell in the first half, with only 15mm in the last 2 weeks.

1st- 3rd: Mostly dry, rather cold and cloudy.

4th– 11th: Unsettled with spells of rain or showers, heavy at times, also a brief snowfall early on the 7th. Temperatures close to average with some night frosts. Sunny spells at times too.

12th– 16th: Very unsettled, very mild and windy at times. Periods of rain, and often dull and murky. Wettest day of the month was 28.5mm on the 12th. Gales occurred on the 15th and 16th.

17th– 23rd: Rather cold / cold and dry. Sunny spells at times, some thick fog by night, and some severe frosts, with the 20th - 22nd all around -8c. Pressure rose to a high of 1042mbar on the 21st.

24th – 26th: Cloudy, near normal temperatures, wet on the 25th.

27th– 31st: Very cold and dry. Mostly sunny with severe night frosts, down to almost -11c on the last two nights.


Total rainfall: 161.6mm

Wettest day: 28.5mm 12th

Rain days >0.2mm: 19

Wet days >1.0mm: 15

Days of heavy rain >10mm: 7

Mean temperature: 2.7c

Mean max: 5.75c

Mean Min: -0.4c

High max: 11.2c 13th

Low max: 1.3c 19th

High min: 10.6c 13th

Low min: -10.9c 31st

Air frost: 17

Ground frost: 20

Mean RH: 93%

High RH: 100% various

Low RH: 68% 28th

Predominant wind direction: SE

Mean wind speed: 1.2mph

Mean pressure: 1017mbar

Max pressure: 1042mbar 21st

Min pressure: 986mbar 8th

Days with:


Sleet or snow: 2

Snow lying 0900: 1

Gale: 2

Thunder: 0

Fog: 5

Fog at 0900: 2

post-2595-0-12928900-1296568350_thumb.jp post-2595-0-42517700-1296568393_thumb.jp

Note to graphs: Data issue 21st- 23rd.

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January 2011 was the warmest January since 2008 in West Wiltshire. The mean of 4.08c was lower than seemed likely

before the last week when a cold spell developed under HIGH pressure, the mean for the last 5 days was just 0.25c!

On the face of it 144.5mm is a very wet month, however 136mm of that fell between the 7th and 18th! So there were

dry spells either side of 12 wet days!

Statistics for Warminster, Wiltshire

Average max = 5.93c (highest = 12.3c on 13 Jan)

Average min = 2.23c (lowest = -3.6c on 21 Jan)

Mean = 4.08c

Dry days = 12

Precip days = 19 (of which wintry = 4)

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A month of two halves here. Cold and snowy at times until the 12th. Milder and initially wet from then but more settled later.

Average max was 5.7c

Average min was -0.9C

Mean 2.4c about 1.1c under long term average.

Sunshine hours 53.9.

Rainfall 63.6 mms mostly from the end of the second week when mild air finally won through.

Snow falling days 4. Sleet on another 3 all in first twelve days of the month.

Snow lying 15 days by Met O rules. Mostly due to the deep frozen snow from late Nov/Dec still being there from the New Year. Still piles around car parks etc and a bit of ice around now but last natural snow gone in the last few days.

Winds were generally light.

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Great Asby

Average daily maximum; 4.6C

Highest daily maximum; 9.9C (13th)

Lowest daily maximum; -1.3C (21st)

Average daily minimum; -0.8C

Highest daily minimum; 6.9C (13th)

Lowest daily minimum; -7.4C (7th and 29th)

Monthly mean temperature; 1.9C (12yr average, 3.3C)

Number of air frosts; seventeen

Number of ice days; one (21st)

Total rainfall; 136.4mm

Wettest day; 58.6mm (15th)

Number of days snow falling; six

Highest wind gust 50mph (16th)

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Mostly calm settled month apart from the wet spell mid month. Temperature and rainfall slightly above average.

Another sunny benign winter month.

Mean temp 2.0C (est + 0.2C)

Mean max 4.2C

Mean min -0.3C

Highest Max 9.4C

Lowest Min -6.7C

Rainfall 132.4mm

Wettest 24hrs 55.6mm

Max wind speed 46mph

Lowest wind chill -10.9C

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January 2010 stats from my Davis VP2 in the small village of Harpford, East Devon.

A month not far from average overall, with quite a mild spell just before mid month, and a cold end to the month. Precipitation was just slightly below average overall, with a wetter first half and drier second half. and sunshine seemed below average though there were a few sunny days particularly at the end that may have brought the totals up a bit (haven't found any actual local totals yet totals)

(note station's meteorological day is midnight-midnight)

Highest max: 13.6°C (13th)

Lowest max: 1.3°C, (13th)

Highest overnight min: 11.4°C (13th) - (recorded midnight-midnight, highest overnight low is 11.2°C on night of 13th-14th)

Lowest overnight min: -7.4°C (31st)

Highest daily mean: 12.3°C (13th)

Lowest daily mean: -2.9°C (31st)

Mean max: 7.4°C

Mean min: 0.9°C

Mean: 4.4°C

Wettest day: 18.2mm (10th)

Monthly total: 93.8mm - very small amount dew or frost melt.

Days of falling sleet/snow: 2 - brief sleet on the 2nd and 3rd

Days of >50% snow cover at 09:00: 0

Days of thunder heard: 0

Average wind speed: 4.4mph - anemometer height increased from 5.3m - 7.5m on the 8th.

Max gust: 38mph (11th)

Graph showing temp, dew point and daily rain:


Edit: corrected text.

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Hedon, East Yorkshire.

January 2011

Warmest Max: 13.2°C (on 16/01/11)

Coldest Max: 2.2°C (on 03/01/11)

Warmest Min: 8.7°C (on 13/01/11) - highest since 2005

Coldest Min: -3.3°C (on 21/01/11 & 29/01/11)

Average Max: 6.6°C (-0.2°C Below 1971-2000 Average)

Average Min: 1.6°C (+0.1°C Above 1971-2000 Average)

Overall Average: 4.1°C (-0.1°C Below 1971-2000 Average)

Rain: 17.6mm (35% Of Normal)

Wettest Day: 7th (3.6mm)

Air Frosts: 9

Sleet/Snow Falling: 2 days

Snow lying at 0900: 0 days

Dry Days: 14

Wet Days: 17

Days With Rain >1.0mm: 7

Thunderstorms: 0

The driest January on record and the driest winter month since December 2005. The month was a mostly benign and anticyclonic affair apart from a brief Atlantic spell mid-month. It was rather barren with regards to snow, with none lying and only two days in the first week with snow falling. The first 10 days were dull and damp, though rather cool (mean 3.0°C). It then turned briefly milder mid-month with daytime temperatures into double figures and minimum temperatures generally above 5°C. The second half of the month was much cooler, with the final 5 days being rather cold. Again this was due to high pressure but clear skies allowed air frosts and generally cold, but sunny days.

Overall it was a month rather similar to January 2006, but just a bit drier and with more pronounced extremes of temperature.

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Mean temperatures were very slightly below normal although cold in comparison to the last 20 years. Month was mostly cold but with some very mild spells.

Mean Max 6.9c (-0.2c)

Mean Min 2.8c (-0.2c)

Mean 4.8c (-0.2c)

Highest Max 13.3c (13th)

Highest Min 12.1c (13th)

Lowest Max 1.8c (29th)

Lowest Min -3.6c (31st)

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Cleadon, Tyne and Wear, January 2011 (compared to estimated 1971-2000 averages):

Mean Max 6.3°C (-0.3)

Mean Min 1.3°C (-0.3)

Mean Temp 3.8°C (-0.3)

Highest Max 12.5°C (13th)

Lowest Max 2.9°C (29th)

Highest Min 9.8°C (16th)

Lowest Min -5.6°C (7th)

Air frosts: 10

Days of sleet or snow: 3

Days of lying snow: 1

No fog, hail or thunder.

Precipitation: 22mm (41%)

Highest total: 4mm (10th)

Wet days >= 1mm: 9

Overall this was a very dry month (the driest January since 1997), with close to average temperatures- about the same mean temperature as January 2009, and it just managed to make it as the 3rd consecutive colder-than-average month and the 5th consecutive colder-than-average winter month. It started dull and quiet, then the Atlantic pepped up on the 4th but until the 12th the air was frequently of Arctic origin. There were a few snow flurries on the 6th followed by a sharp overnight frost, and some sleety showers developed in a polar maritime airstream late on the 8th, and one of these turned to snow at around 6am on the 9th and gave a dusting on the ground. After that, there was a dull mild spell midmonth with SW winds (the minimum of 9.8°C on the 16th was the highest in January since 2003), and then high pressure took charge. It was sunny with sharp frosts on the 19th-21st and at times during the last few days, but in between there was a week of dull weather with occasional drizzle.

Notably, the lowest maximum (2.9°C on the 29th) was actually higher than the mean maximum for December!

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