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January 1926: Mild, Very Cold, Mild

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January 1926 was a sandwich month temperature wise with a mild and wet start and end but with a very cold middle

1st-11th CET: 6.7C

13th-18th CET: -2.4C

23rd-31st CET: 6.4C

The overall CET was 4.6C

The first part of the month was very mild and wet, which caused extensive flooding. Some rainfall totals include 85mm at Tynywaun on the 1st and 61mm at Achnashellach on the 8th.


The very cold middle part was caused by a high over western Russia ridging towards the UK and allowing a very cold continental flow to pull westwards


Low pressures for a short period tried to push up from the south producing snowfalls and snow cover.

Temperatures for this period include -5.6C as a maximum on the 16th for Leafield and Cranfield and minima of -13.9C at Cambridge on the 16th and -15.6C at Rothamsted on the 17th.

The Russian high subsided as Atlantic systems moved in and the rest of the month and inded February was mild and unsettled


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Interesting charts Kevin :)

Brilliant 1050MB HP in Russia, with a strong Easterly flow with very cold conditions moving in, and then Blowtor*h south-westerlies and gales 12 days later, always hope I guess!

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