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High Pressure Dominated Middle Of January 1882

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High pressure dominated the UK and much of western and central Europe during the middle of January 1882


At Camden Square, pressure was above 1046mb for 43hrs, above 1043mb for 90 hrs, above 1039mb for 6 days and 1hr and 1033mb for 12 days and 12 hours.

Highest reading was on the 18th with 1048.2mb

Other high readings around the UK

1049.4mb at St Leonards

1049.2mb at Cheltenham

1049.2mb at Macclesfield

1049.2mb at Brighton

1049.1mb at Kew

Other high readings around Europe

1049.1mb at Parc St Maur on 17th

1050.4mb at Vienna on 16th

1050.2mb at Bern on 17th

1048.7mb at Hamburg on 16th

1048.5mb at Brussels on 18th

1047.9mb at Berlin on 16th

1047.1mb at Copenhagen on 16th

1046.5mb at Madrid on 17th

1042.6mb at Rome on 16th

1037.9mb at Lisbon on 18th

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