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2010 Statistics

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Please post your 2010 statistics here :)

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Other months of 2010;

January 1.5c -3.0c

February 3.6c -1.0c

Winter 2.8c (-2.0c)


March 6.8c +0.3c

April 9.7c +1.3c

May 11.7c -0.4c

Spring 9.4c (+0.4c)


June 17.3c +1.5c

July 19.1c +1.8c

August 16.1c -0.8c

Summer 17.5c (+0.8c)


September 14.5c -0.3c

October 11.7c -0.6c

November 6.1c -1.9c

Autumn 10.7c (-1.0c)


December 0.9c -4.7c

9.92c -0.65c.

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The 2010 statistics for Cleadon, Tyne and Wear:

Mean Max 12.1 (-0.3)

Mean Min 5.7 (-0.4)

Highest max 25.0 (27th June)

Lowest max -3.3 (20th December)

Lowest min -10.3 (3rd December)

Precipitation: 674mm (104%)

No. of days >=1mm : 146

Wettest: 22mm (20th July)

Days of thunder: 8

Days of sleet or snow falling: 47

Days of >50% snow cover at 0900: 44

Days of small hail (<5mm diameter): 12

Days of large hail (>=5mm diameter): 2

Days of fog at 0900: 5

It was about as cold as 1996 which is the coldest year that I have recorded in records going back to 1993. Overall this year was exceptional for the wintriness of its winter months- quite possibly the snowiest year at this location since 1963, and comfortably beating anything else on my weather records. Spring, summer and autumn were less remarkable, but May and November in particular had more than their fair share of notable weather events, while April and June were exceptionally dry and rather sunny & warm.

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Many noteworthy aspects to 2010.

A staggeringly cold year statistically, with the annual mean temperature coming in at 7.1C compared to my 10 year mean of 8.5C.

December was the coldest month I've recorded, by a massive distance, ending at a mean of -3.0c, almost 6 degrees lower than my 10 year December mean temp of 2.9c.

Another unusual feature was the fact that more days in both May and September were above 21c than in July and August combined.

In terms of rainfall, the driest year I've recorded; almost 50% of the ten year average.

The extremes during the year were:-

Highest temperature; 26.1c (May 23rd).

Lowest temperature; -15.0c (Jan 8th)

No. of days above 21c; twenty-three.

No. of air frosts; one hundred and seven (fifteen nights below -10c)

Total rainfall; 703mm (wettest day 24.4mm on Nov 2nd)

Highest wind gust; 52mph (Nov 11th)

Monthly mean temperatures

January; -0.3c

February; 1.0c

March; 4.4c

April; 7.9c

May; 9.2c

June 13.8c

July; 14.9c

August; 13.4c

September; 12.4c

October 8.4c

November 3.2c

December; -3.0c

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Year 2010

Warmest Max: 28.7°C (on 10/07/10)

Coldest Max: -3.4°C (on 20/12/10 & 21/12/10)

Warmest Min: 18.3°C (on 02/07/10)*

Coldest Min: -11.4°C (on 21/12/10)**

Average Max: 12.5°C (-1.0°C Below 1971-2000 Average)

Average Min: 6.0°C (-0.4°C Below 1971-2000 Average)

Overall Average: 9.3°C (-0.7°C Below Running 1971-2000 Average)

Rain: 515.8mm (88% of Normal)

Wettest Day: 22/01/10 (17.5mm)

Sunshine: 1540 hours (108% of Normal) To November 30th

Air Frosts: 60***

Sleet/Snow Falling: 45 days***

Snow lying at 0900: 43 days***

Dry Days: 135

Wet Days: 228

Days With Rain >1.0mm: 133

Thunderstorms: 8


Jan: 1.8°C (-2.4°C) / 77.6mm (153%) - coldest since 1987

Feb: 2.5°C (-2.1°C) / 66.0mm (172%) - coldest since 1991

Mar: 6.2°C (-0.3°C) / 39.7mm (87%)

Apr: 9.3°C (+1.1°C) / 23.9mm (56%)

May: 10.9°C (-0.5°C) / 9.0mm (21%) - coldest since 1997

Jun: 15.2°C (+1.0°C) / 33.0mm (66%)

Jul: 18.2°C (+1.5°C) / 20.0mm (52%) - 2nd warmest since 1976

Aug: 16.2°C (-0.4°C) / 51.8mm (106%) - coldest since 1999

Sep: 14.4°C (+0.1°C) / 60.8mm (117%)

Oct: 10.9°C (+0.1°C) / 33.6mm (72%)

Nov: 6.0°C (-1.0°C) / 47.2mm (83%) - coldest since 1998

Dec: -0.1°C (-5.2°C) / 53.2mm (72%) - coldest on record

The Coldest and driest year since 1996. January, November and December all set new records for days of snow falling and lying. February was the dullest for a decade. May saw snow falling on the 11th, the latest in the year since 1995. A few days later it reached 26.7°C - the earliest day to surpass 25°C since 1992. June and July were very good summer months, but the season as a whole was unexceptional due to a very average August. Spring and Autumn as a whole were uneventful, though oddly November contained the 2nd warmest maxima and the 2nd lowest minima. Likewise, May set a new record minima, but also contained the second warmest maxima. The highlight was the record cold December, the coldest of any month since February 1986. It was also the snowiest on record, with a peak depth of 27cm and the most since 1987. 10 days dropped below -5°C, equalling 1986 as the highest annual total.

* Joint Highest with 1991

** Lowest Since 1986

*** New Record

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For Warminster, Wiltshire

2010 had 2 months (January -0.37c and December -1.25c) with sub zero average minimums, it also had the hottest period of weather

(in June/July) since July 2006.

The most telling statistic is that it was the first year in which I have recorded a sub 10c annual mean since starting in 2003!

The wettest month was August (118mm) and the driest was May (31mm) with the total rainfall meaning the driest year since 2006.

A sure sign of the colder winter months is that I noted 38 days with wintry precipitation, by far the most in any year recorded and

beating 2009 which had 23 (the previous highest)!

Average max = 13.57c (Highest = 32.0c on 26 June)

Average min = 6.33c (Lowest = -9.0c on 27 December)

Mean = 9.95c

Dry days = 179

Precipitation days = 186 (of which wintry = 38)

Rainfall = 848mm

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The year was both drier and colder overall than the last two years. I don't have long enough climate data for exact anomalies, but the yearly mean, at 9.2C, was 1.1C lower than both 2009 and 2008. There was also a lot more air frosts compared to recent years due to the cold months of January and December in particular, and not a shortage in other months with both May and (unusually) September registering at least one air frost. We also had a unusually cool min at the end of August, and of course the minus double digit mins for January and December. There was a well above average frequency of snow lying in particular. We had no unusually hot days again this summer but overall it was at least a bit better than the previous 3 here. Thunder was a bit of a poor performance, even more so than recent years.

Some statistics I've put together:

Note with most data the meteorological day my station records in is midnight - midnight, except for nights with air frost, and mins below -5/-10C.

Highest Max: 26.3°C (9th July)

Lowest Min: -14.0°C (25th Dec)

Lowest Max: -1.6°C (25th Dec)

Nights with air Frost: 87

Nights below -5°C: 17

Nights below -10°C: 5

Maxes over 21°C: 51

Mean: 9.2°C

Mean max: 13.6°C

Mean min: 4.3°C

Monthly Mean Temps + Highest/lowest

Jan: 1.8°C - Highest 11.6°C, Lowest -12.2°C

Feb: 4.0°C -Highest 10.5°C, lowest -4.2°C

Mar: 5.8°C - Highest 13.6°C, Lowest -4.9°C

Apr: 8.4°C - Highest 17.4°C, Lowest -1.6°C

May: 11.0°C - Highest 24.9°C, Lowest -0.8°C

Jun: 15.3°C - Highest 25.4°C, Lowest 3.3°C

Jul: 16.9°C - Highest 26.3°C, Lowest 6.5°C

Aug: 15.4°C - Highest 23.6°C, Lowest 3.0°C

Sep: 13.4°C - Highest 22.0°C, Lowest -0.1°C

Oct: 10.6°C - Highest 21.1°C, Lowest -2.8°C

Nov: 6.4°C - Highest 18.3°C, Lowest -5.0°C

Dec: 0.4°C - Highest 10.4°C, Lowest -14.0°C


Total: 811.4mm

Wettest Month: 108.8mm (November)

Driest Month: 20.2mm (May)

Wettest Day: 42.2mm (17th Nov)

Days of rain >2mm: 82

Days of rain >20mm: 10

Days of thunder: 4 (Jul 14th, Sep 8th, Sep 23rd, Dec 20th - thundersnow) (all except 8th Sep were a few or less distant rumbles/flashes)

Days of snow cover >50% at 09:00: 20

Jan: 7

Dec 13

Highest Wind Gust: 43mph (8th Nov)

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2010 was a dry year, though August was very wet here, producing 143mm of rain, giving the wettest month in 34 years. It will be remembered for the cold weather( high occurance of air frosts, days of snow falling and lying), and a distinct lack of thunderstorms, Atlantic systems and gusts.

Highest Temperature: 30.6C 9th July

Lowest Temperature: -10.4C 20th December

Lowest Daytime Maxima: -5.2C 20th December

Highest Dewpoint: 15.3C 9th July

Lowest Dewpoint: -10.6C 20th December

Strongest Gust: 42 knots 26th February

Air Frosts: 81

Snow Lying: 22

Snow Falling: 21

Thunderstorms: 6

Highest Air Pressure: 1044mb, 26th January

Lowest Air Pressure: 975mb, 25th February

Wettest Month: 143mm August

Monthly temperature averages:

January: 1.3C

February: 2.6C

March: 6.3C

April: 9.3C

May: 11.2C

June: 16.4C

July: 19.1C

August: 16.3C

September: 14.4C

October: 10.7C

November: 5.1C

December: -0.2C

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In YATTON, Bristol:

2010 was certainly a notable year for a number of reasons. January, April and December were the most notable months: for frequency of snowfall, hours of sunshine and depth of cold with snow respectively. February was a disappointment with many near misses regarding snow. March was a distinct month of two halves with a cold first half and more frosts than February, followed by a milder wet second half. May was a rather boring and chilly month despite a heatwave bringing some of the nicest weather of the year. June was the nicest month in a long time with almost persistent sunshine throughout and warm or very warm temperatures. It then went downhill in July with more unsettled weather which led onto August being the wettest month of the year. September was another unsettled month but more interesting with a very warm start and cold end. October was quite a quiet month and rather chilly after the first week then November was one of the most interesting months of the year with typically Autumnal weather up to the 21st then the fun and games began with early cold taking hold.

Average Temperatures:

Jan: 00.8C (-3.4C)

Feb: 02.9C (-1.8C)

Mar: 05.9C (-1.1C)

Apr: 10.0C (-0.1C)

May: 12.5C (-0.6C)

Jun: 17.4C (+0.6C)

Jul: 18.9C (+0.5C)

Aug: 17.2C (-1.1C)

Sep: 15.4C (-0.1C)

Oct: 10.8C (-1.0C)

Nov: 06.0C (-1.8C)

Dec: 00.3C (-4.2C)

Year Average: 09.8C (= with 1996)

Monthly Rainfall:

Jan: 046.9mm (-)

Feb: 059.8mm (=)

Mar: 082.7mm (=)

Apr: 033.7mm (-)

May: 056.5mm (-)

Jun: 021.3mm (-)

Jul: 071.6mm (=)

Aug: 130.1mm (+)

Sep: 086.4mm (=)

Oct: 088.6mm (-)

Nov: 121.6mm (=)

Dec: 025.8mm (-)

Year Records:

Highest Max. 29.1C (26th June)

Highest Min. 18.3C (26th July)

Lowest Max. -03.1C (08th January & 20th December)

Lowest Min. -12.4C (08th January)

Wettest Day: 35.1mm (01st October)

Year Wet Days: 120

Year Dry Days 245

Longest Wet Period: 10 Days (05th-14th November)

Longest Dry Period: 17 Days (08th-24th April)

Snowiest Day: 14cm (06th January)

Year Snowfall Days: 27 (of which 9 in January)

Year Snowlie Days: 30 (of which 14 in December)

Longest Snowlie Period: 11 Days (05th-16th January & 17th-27th December)

Sunniest Month: 236.8 hours (June)

Dullest Month: 049.6 hours (November)

Highest Barometer: 1043.1mb (26th January)

Lowest Barometer: 967.2mb (08th November)

Highest Baro Month: 1018.1mb (June)

Lowest Baro Month: 1003.9mb (February)

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This for my area Edmonton Alberta Canada


JAN -12.1 (+1.6)

FEB -9.1 (+1.4)

MAR -0.9 (+3.6)

APR 5.6 (+1.3)

MAY 8.1 (-2.3)

JUN 13.9 (-0.2)

JUL 15.6 (-0.3)

AUG 14.4 (-0.7)

SEP 8.1 (-2.0)

OCT 5.8 (+1.5)

NOV -7.0 (-1.3)

DEC -15.3 (-4.0)

From this it can be seen as to the effects of el nino and la nina on the temperature in western canada being much closer to the source than the UK

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2010 summary.

The coldest and driest year since 1996.

Mean max'.....10.6c... (-0.3c )

Mean min'......4.8c... ( -0.3c )

Highest max'..25.3c... ( May 23rd )

Lowest min'...-6.7c... ( Dec' 20th )

Highest min'..15.1c... (May 23rd )

Lowest max'...-3.5c... ( Dec'17th )

Total Rainfall...896.5mm...(84% )

Wettest Day.......37.4mm...( Oct'1st )

Rain Days........195

Total Sunshine...1232.3 hrs...( 100% )

Sunniest Day.......15.48 hrs...( June 16th )

Sunless Days...68

Air Frost.......81

Ground Frost...123

Days with Sleet/Snow...69

Snow lying at 0900.....62

Days with Thunder.......8

Days with Hail.........17

Days with Gale..........6

Days with Fog..........111

Mean wind speed at 0900...13.2 mph

Max' Gust...........67 mph ( Nov' 11th )

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This for my area Edmonton Alberta Canada


JAN -12.1 (+1.6)

FEB -9.1 (+1.4)

MAR -0.9 (+3.6)

APR 5.6 (+1.3)

MAY 8.1 (-2.3)

JUN 13.9 (-0.2)

JUL 15.6 (-0.3)

AUG 14.4 (-0.7)

SEP 8.1 (-2.0)

OCT 5.8 (+1.5)

NOV -7.0 (-1.3)

DEC -15.3 (-4.0)

From this it can be seen as to the effects of el nino and la nina on the temperature in western canada being much closer to the source than the UK

I certainly timed my week holiday to the rockies and vancouver in October well! Looking at how cold it became in November I just missed the wintry weather. My last day was the 20th in Calgary when it was 20 degrees and it felt like summer.. Many people had said when I arrived I had just missed some snow in September. That jump between Oct and Nov must have felt very noticeable.

I do tend to bring mild/warm weather when I go on my holidays but not always when I want it. I was very lucky when I went to south island of New Zealand in late March 06, early Apr 06, 10 days with no rain was almost unheard of on the west coast, and with blue skies and maxes hitting 24 degrees I was spolit..

However, my holiday to Moscow and St Petersburgh New Year 07 coincided with one of russia's mildest winters ever. I was hugely dissapointed the lowest max was -2 degrees and that was the first day I arrived in Moscow on the 30th Dec. Thereafter I enjoyed temps staying around the 0 degree mark, and snow turning to sleet and rain, it felt like one of our rubbish cold spells. A year later I thought perhaps I would be more fortunate in iceland , however, that new year the weather was very stormy and mild thanks with little snow.. Just thought I would share that..

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