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Exceptionally Mild November-December 1953

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The last two months of 1953 were exceptionally mild combined


Nov: 8.5C

Dec: 6.9C

Tropical maritime air was frequent, bringing at times, exceptionally mild temperatures


16.1C was recorded at Wrexham and Hawarden on the 15th of November, at Aber on 23rd, Gillingham on the 28th and Bromley on the 29th


Early December was even milder with maxima of 17.8C recorded at Llandudno on the 2nd and 17.2C being recorded at St James's Park and Thetford on the 4th


It was a dry December for England and Wales following the dryish November. Frosts were seldom, Oxford didn't record a single air frost for September, October, November nor December, the previous record for the latest date for the first air frost of the season was 22nd November in 1898.

RAF Mildenhall recorded just 4 air frosts for both months and 39 days where maxima reach double digits.

Not surprisingly the mildness caused spring flowers and shrubs to flower.

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Thanks again for the statistical info- I was aware that 1938 and 1939 had very mild Novembers but I was unaware of November/December 1953 (though it was notable that on my snow events analysis the two months were notable for their lack of snow).

Fast forward to late January 1954, and patterns had changed considerably:


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