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What Weather Station To Buy?

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For sometime now I have wanted weather station as it is something I am starting to get an interest in. However because I am very much a newbie I don't want to spend hundreds of pounds on a weather station but I would like one that can plot records and send it back to my PC where it can be logged and shared on the internet. From what I understand I will need some alternative software to do that and not all are compatible with weather stations. So my question is... can all this be done on a budget of about £100?

Cheers :)

(OK! How did a picture of me appear?! )

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HI There,

First Id like to say hello as its my first post on this forum.rolleyes.gif Ive a Weather station ordered from a firm called Machine Mart.As a regular customer I can take advantage of the occasional VAT free days.The station I purchased is the Clarke WPC150 it has the usual stuff as well as rain gauge and wind meter.My neighbour got his a couple of days ago and it looks a handy piece of kit.I should get mine by the end of the week.Clarke products are usually very good quality and quite cheap(I have a Clarke min/max digital thermometer which is excellant),and Ive also puchased Clarke power tools and garden machinary over the years.VAT free the weather station cost a mere £59.98 or £68.98 with the VAT and Ill keep you updated when I have it up and running but meanwhile Ill try to get some feedback from Jim(my neighbour)tomorrow.

Regards Les.

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