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I Need Some Advice On A New Digital Camera

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hello all im currently thikig about upgrading my camera im' using a fuji film fine pix A330 3x optical zoom 3.2 megapixels ot looking too spend more than 200 pounds and would like a camera with some kind of automatic settings so i dont have to worry about settings as the camera will take care of all this' are any members had any dealing's with the canon powershot A2100 S any advice on digital cameras appreciated

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I love Canons but my only experience of the Powershot range is my own old A70. This is similar to your existing Fuji in that it has a 3.1 megapixel capability but can be set up with almost all the settings of a more expensive DSLR (it still has a setting for automatic point and press if you want it to take care of all the options). I like the ability of the A70 to take a wide angle lens via an adaptor ring:


Not sure if you can do that on the A2100S, but it does seem to have some great reviews on the net, with the 6x zoom getting a big thumbs up from people.

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