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Congratulations To The Telegraph

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I think it must be hats off to the Telegraph newspaper. They have an article about Modoki, apparently then new term for the horseshoe shape to the pacific SST's. Surprise time it may cause droughts. I think the Telegraph have now stated that just about all the different SST patterns are going to cause droughts for Australia due to global warming. If I should not post links then please remove



A good example is the two following quotes, first about El-Nino from their related link

"Typically, El Nino has the potential to disrupt the rainy seasons and cause lower rainfall in India, Australia"

and now the new article

"What effect this will have on global climate is unclear, but one outcome could be worsening droughts in India and Australia."

I can't make my mind up whether this is sloppy journalism or someone trying to find a new way to scare people.

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Its another way i suppose to explain away why AGW hasn't caused more and stronger El Ninos.

All they need to look at is the perturbationm cycle and the PDO...that I believe would explain the pattern.


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