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The Only Occasion When September Was The Warmest Month Of The Year For The Cet

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September: 14.6

Next warmest month was July with 14.5

Some reports

Kensington: Singularly warm, dry and sunny. temp exceeding 70F on 15 days.

Wallington: Very dry, warm and sunny

Hythe: Very fine, driest Sept since 1865

Lewes: A drought of 19 days

Strathfield Turgiss: A beautiful month with cloudless skies and a high temperature. Numerous wild flowers in bloom.

Addington: The whole mone very fine.

Bury St Edmunds: A lovely warm month.

Ipswich: Very fine, bright, warm and dry.

Langton Herring: A most beautiful month.

Oxford: Fine, warm and pleasant, rivers low, country dry

Cheltenham: A beautiful month, the temp rising above 70F on 11 days.

Ross-on-Wye: Temp above 70F on 13 days.

Woolstaston: A warm, bright month of summer weather, a perfect harvest month.

Barkby: A lovely month, abundance of sunshine. Some splendid sunsets.

Jedburgh: The weather during the month was on the whole very fine.

Culloden: Much sunshine throughout the month, the days being beautifully fine.

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